How To Motivate Yourself To Go To The Gym After Work

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It can be seriously draining when you work a 9-5 job. You?re most likely drained mentally and physically due to how busy it?s been and all you can think about is going home and relaxing in front of the telly with your pajamas. But you can?t forget that new year?s resolution you promised yourself in getting fit and hitting the gym hard. So, there?s the only thing to do but to go for it and get yourself pumped as you make the commute from work to the gym.

Plan and Schedule Your Workout

Although it would be great to work out every single evening after work, there are other matters in life that you need to do too. Everyone loves a good day out with friends or sometimes it?s necessary to put in extra time at work which means you can?t commit to the gym every day of the week. So, schedule in your workouts for the week considering the other stuff you have on. Even if it?s just three workouts a week, it?s better than nothing. Having a plan will have you in the mindset to go and workout and you?ll manage your energy better as a result.

Take Your Workout Clothes To Work

This might sound like a simple resolution but you?ll find it surprising just how motivated you become when you pack your gym items and take them to work with you. In doing so, it?ll prevent you from making last-minute decisions or other excuses not to go. Plus, you?ll be lugging it around with you so you?d might as well make the most of it rather than wasting all that energy carrying it around.

Take A Route From Work That Passes A Gym

It can be a bit of a kick in the teeth when you walk past the gym and seeing people walking in and out, knowing that you?ve not been. As a result, you become regretful and wished you had gone. It?s all about psychology tricking yourself to motivate yourself to go to the gym. If you take a route from work that passes your gym, you?ll be more eager to go and it?s practically unavoidable not to go.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

From the beginning, you would have set yourself a gym goal. Now, it?s about sustaining your routine to ensure you reach that goal. It?s going to be wasted time if you spent all that time trying to get to the gym only to not accomplish your goals. Keep the image with you and take it everywhere you go, do anything possible that will keep you motivated and help you to reach your goals. If you need that extra boost, keep track of your workouts and routines with an app or take before and after photos so you can see how much the gym is benefitting you reach your goals. The more you keep track, it?s more likely to motivate you.

Fuel Yourself Throughout The Day

Your diet is key to ensuring you reach your goals and achieve the results that you want. Keeping your energy up throughout the day is a great way to keep yourself motivated for the gym. If you have certain foods for lunch that make you feel heavy and sluggish, it?ll disrupt your routine when you eventually go and you?ll be less motivated to complete your workout. Have light foods such as fruits and salads that won?t be too heavy on your stomach and you can also consider energy boosting health supplements such as fish oil capsules and vitamin C tablets that can contribute to gaining higher energy.

Don?t Put Yourself Down

The biggest mistake you can make when going to the gym is being harsh on yourself. There might be a day which you skip and all of a sudden you feel like it?s not worth going anymore because you?ve failed yourself. Don?t worry, skipping a day isn?t exactly ideal but it?s not the end of the world and it?s definitely not an excuse to demotivate yourself. There?s no reason why you can?t go the following day to make up for it. It takes time to get the ideal body that you want, so have patience and just make sure that you don?t give up altogether!


Implementing these tips into your routine will ensure that those long days at work still come with a reward at the end of it. The main point you need to take away is that being consistent is essential in achieving your goals. There can be days where work has got so much you?d just prefer to slump at home but going to the gym will help you to take your mind off it and even relieve the stress completely.

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