6 Extremely Important Traits the Modern Nurse Needs to Have

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  • You should be aware of the traits that you need to have as a nurse if you want to thrive in this demanding career

Every nurse can bring something new to your practice or hospital, but when you have a stack of resumes to look through, it can be difficult to hire based on experience and expertise alone. A standout nurse can’t just be professionally qualified to succeed; they also need a positive attitude, flexibility, and these other 6 traits that your patients and employees will appreciate.

1. Willingness to Travel

Our current climate has stressed the importance of a nurse who is willing to travel across cities, states, and countries. Nursing is always a profession in demand, but there may be other reasons for a nurse to move, like income stability, professional growth, or shortages in specific places. If you’re interested in traveling as a nurse, check out travel nursing jobs. Since you’ll be in areas that require your expertise, you’ll receive incredible benefits like free housing and higher pay. If you want to transition back to your country, you can do so at your leisure.

2. Knowledge of Different Cultures/Religions/Ethnicities

Also known as “cultural competency,” the ability to understand and care for patients with diverse beliefs, values, and behaviors is precious for the modern nurse. Traveling nurses gain this knowledge while in a different country, but you can also learn to provide culturally appropriate care through schooling and practice. Nurses need to be aware of their own biases and ensure they grow as people and don’t act upon them. Medical practitioners took an oath to provide the very best care for all patients, regardless of background.

3. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Being knowledgeable of different cultures, religions and ethnicities can help nurses become more empathetic, but it won’t create an emotionally intelligent person. There needs to already be a basis of empathy before a nurse can grasp the differences of the human psyche. Being kind matters, and this soft skill is valued because it isn’t always easy to teach. Some nurses will have this innate ability to interact with patients from a place of love and peace. Always value a medical professional that puts the needs of their patients before their own while working.

4. A Positive Attitude

Chronic illness, hospitalization, and general doctor’s appointments don’t put your patients in the best moods. Nurses are aware of this because they too have had to go to the doctor at some point in their lives. It’s possible that your patients will show a negative attitude; in fact, it’s almost always a given. Nurses need to not take this personally and give their patients a positive attitude against all odds. This doesn’t imply that nurses have to put up with abuse, but it does mean that they must exhibit a positive attitude that uplifts people, gives them hope, and reduces stress.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability

The entire health care field changes rapidly, and the ability to tolerate and adapt to these multiple changes can set nurses up for success in this field. A nurse may need to grasp new technology, diagnostics, treatments, or social situations daily, even if they’re specialized in a specific field. A nurse that graduated in the 80s has seen a surge in different technology and practices, but the best of them stuck around and blossomed in their careers. 50 years from now, the medical field will look very different, so prioritize nurses that accept change early on.

6. Passion for Nursing

While it would be nice to assume that all medical practitioners are in the healthcare industry because they enjoy their job, that isn’t always the case. Nursing often attracts people who want a long career that’s always in demand and makes a significant amount of money. Those aren’t bad goals to search for in a career, but if you hate the job, it will show on your face, your actions, and how you speak. It’s essential to prioritize applicants that feel genuine joy about their profession and stir passions in others. They can lead your team to perform better.

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