A Complete Guide To Dentists And Types Of Specialization

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Like we know, a dentist can also be called a dental surgeon. They are a surgeon who is well specialized in dentistry, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dental diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity. A dentist is assisted by various professionals who form the dental team. It includes dental assistants, dental technicians, dental hygienists, and dental therapists. Let us know about the different types of specialization that dentists are categorized into that you can come across.

Types of Dentists and Their Role

Finding the right dentist is a great task. While choosing a dentist, you must look upon the specializations because the field of dentistry has a wide range and it offers specialty and training in different areas. Based on the types of specialty, dentists are of different types.

#1. General Dentists- General dentists provide cleaning and dental health care. They also help to maintain dental health by various treatments, such as cavity filling, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and root canals treatment. Their work is to focus on the diseases and its preventions.

#2. Cosmetic Dentists- Cosmetic dentists are well specialized in aesthetic dentistry. They deal with the improvement of the appearance of people with distorted oral conditions. Their main work includes teeth whitening, teeth bonding, and veneers.

#3. Forensic Dentists- They apply their dental knowledge in legal actions which involves an examination, evaluation, and presentation of the evidence. They help in the identification of the victim and age by studying the dental structure of the dead body.

#4. Special Care Dentists- They usually deal with those people who are having special emotional, social, physical, or medical needs. Their oral conditions may be affected by their disability, surrounding conditions or by their family medical history.

#5. Orthodontists- These dentists are specialized for jaw alignment and correct positioning of the teeth by using braces or retainers, generally solves the problem of younger patients.

#6. Periodontists- They deal with the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth as well as the disease affecting them.

#7. Geriatric Dentists- They are concerned with the dental problems of the older age patients and it involves diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to dental conditions that come with old age.

#8. Veterinary Dentist – They are concerned with the dental conditions of animals and it involves diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of dental diseases.

How to Choose the Best Dentist

There are many points to consider while choosing the best dentist. Some of them are:

  • Location: The first thing to do is to search for the dentist who is nearby you. You can reach him as fast as possible under any emergency case.
  • Cost: You need to check the dental expenses come under your medical insurance or not. Find the list of dentists from the insurance company near to you.
  • Reviews: You can obtain suggestions from your friends or neighbors about the dentist you are planning to visit. You can check the reviews online, as well.
  • Specialty: Before going to any dentist, you should check their specialization because dentistry has got a wide range and different dentists possess different specialties.
  • License: Before approaching any dentist, you must check the license and permit from the local and medical bodies.
  • Past Track Record: You can verify the past record of the dentist whether he/she has any professional charges against him or not.


Having a sound dental condition is an intrinsic part of the overall health. You cannot choose any dentist hastily. You need to be sure while choosing a dentist who is having a good experience, license, and a good past record. Apart from a dental problem, you can have a regular visit just to maintain your dental health and to prevent any kind of oral or dental health issues.

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