Brian Gill

Brian Gill, CEO of Gillware Inc., is an entrepreneur, computer scientist and angel investor from Madison WI. He co-founded Gillware Data Recovery, one of the world’s most successful data recovery labs, in 2004 with his brother Tyler and PhD Greg Piefer. The trio, along with their business partners and Greg’s family, then founded Phoenix Nuclear Labs which currently manufactures the strongest compact neutron generators in the world. Brian was on the board of PNL when it was decided to spin off medical isotope startup SHINE Medical Technologies to tackle the Mo-99 crisis. Over 56,000 American patients are imaged every day and over 30 medical procedures require Mo-99, and as of 2018 0% of the world’s supply of Mo-99 is produced in the US. SHINE is on the verge of solving this problem. Brian also co-founded Gillware Data Services, a cloud SAAS and data analytics company which was acquired by StorageCraft in 2016. Most recently, he has teamed up with worldwide forensics thought leader Cindy Murphy to found Gillware Digital Forensics. These successes have allowed him to make over a dozen angel investments, most recently in Medaware Systems, Pacifica Labs and Allergy Amulet. He lives with his wife Kara and three sons in Middleton, WI.
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