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How People Are Taking Advantage of Health Deals in the Recent Recession

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The Great Recession was one of the biggest catastrophes to shake our world in modern memory. People will be discussing the economic implications for years to come. However, the adverse effects the recession has had on our health have not received nearly as much attention as they should. A recent article from Harvard Public Health Magazine has helped shed some light on the problem. The post revealed research that the economic downturn had profound negative effects on our health for the following reasons:

  • People were under increased stress, due to fall out from the global economy. Fears of losing their job or home contributed directly to their health problems. They also contributed in indirect ways by causing insomnia.
  • Many people turn to unhealthy habits to cope with the stress of their financial woes. They frequently smoked, binge drank alcohol and ate foods rich in sugar and saturated fat.
  • They cut their spending on more expensive and healthier foods, such as organic produce and almond milk.

?It?s quite stunning we haven?t been hearing more about this,? wrote Kasisomayajula ?Vish? Viswanath, professor of health communication at Harvard School of Public Health. ?We talk about poverty and inequality resulting from the recession, but we do not take the next step. We do not extend that logic to the effects on health.? The recession clearly took its toll on many people. New economic concerns are forcing people to look for new solutions, so they can stay healthy without burning through their savings if another recession is on the horizon. Here are some ways that people are taking advantage of health deals and keeping healthy on a trim budget.

Using popular coupon sites

Couponing became very popular during the recession. It never actually lost its appeal. In the year following the reception, coupon use increased by 29%. According to the PromoCodeClub, as more people become concerned about the state of the new economy, coupon sites are becoming even more popular. A number of specialty coupon sites focus primarily on healthy living. These sites will be in high demand of the economy text another downturn, because many people will be looking for opportunities to save money without compromising their new healthy lifestyles.

Taking advantage of major brand discounts

Couponing isn?t the only way to save money. Many brands offer great discounts on healthy products. A number of health experts that I have spoken with have said that customers have begun looking more into these discounts in recent years. They are more concerned about healthy living than ever before, but are also grappling with economic anxieties that have not waned since the end of the recession. People are looking into deals for the following:

  • Popular fad diets, such as Paleo and vegan.
  • Foods that are low in sugar and saturated fats.
  • Nutrient rich foods that can be purchased in bulk.

These deals have helped many people follow healthy diets without spending a large amount of money every month.

Asking doctors for prescriptions for certain health products

Some health foods may be covered by prescriptions if they are deemed medically necessary. While this is generally rare, it is something worth looking into. One healthcare provider notified me that they often write prescriptions for Ensure. His prescriptions are given to patients that have weight control issues. While drinks themselves don?t have a substantial number of calories, they are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Patients that are struggling to get the nutrition they need may want to consider this option. If their insurance carrier provides this coverage, they will get the nutrients they need much more cheaply than if they bought vitamins and other supplements out of pocket.

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