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Personal Spirometry and the Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Jeanne Barnett - October 3, 2012

As a moderator/founder of a vibrant on line social health community: cysticfibrosis.com, I can attest to hundreds of messages where e-patients are discussing their PFT (pulmonary function…

Public Health

Ten Hurdles to Patient Adherence

Jeanne Barnett - June 14, 2012

Patients with chronic diseases face multiple barriers to adherence with regard to treatment regimens. On our social health community, CysticFibrosis.com, we have observed thousands of conversations about…

Medical Education

Pharma and the Empowered, Educated Patient

Jeanne Barnett - September 20, 2011

Jeanne Barnett argues that pharma needs a ‘chronic care university’ to create compliance, build knowledge, and reduce costs In a recent article, I put forth a patient…

Social Media

Using Google+ for HealthCare and Pharma

Jeanne Barnett - July 11, 2011

Google+, Google's new social network, currently in Beta, comes at a perfect time for Healthcare and  Pharma. Healthcare and Pharma firms have been volleying with the idea…