Busting the Coffee Myth – How (un)healthy is it, really?

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  People just love guilty pleasures such as coffee or chocolate, always finding new ways to reason with their addiction and find some good in it. Coffee is not as dangerous as other beverages, and it has a strong tradition – sometimes even mythological – in most regions of the world. But, how good or bad is coffee, can it be both and what does it do to your body?

Coffee is Good!

There are different types of coffee out there (Kimbo Coffee will tell you more about this), but genuine coffee lovers do not mind much: all they want is their caffeine! The reason behind this desire is quite simple – they need coffee in order to wake up and get ready for the day ahead of them. Coffee has been proven not only to raise alertness and performance, but also ensure a good night’s sleep for regular consumers. This is, of course, because caffeine goes directly to your brain, stimulating its activities. In addition to that, coffee also helps people with weight issues slim down, but only if you drink it moderately. Since its nutritional values are rather high, caffeine is also good for fighting certain diseases. Do not expect it to kill cancer cells or make a huge difference with terminal patients, but it has been found helpful in cases of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver-related diseases, prostate cancer and heart conditions. Also, it might help you fight depression and suicidal thoughts.

Coffee is Bad!

Alas, not all people find coffee that good. There are some serious campaigns against coffee – and not just that “Christians vs. Starbucks” one that is currently raging – and some continually advocate how bad it can be. First of all, you can never know what you are drinking, especially if your beans come from a region far away. These beans can be dated, inadequate or, what seems to happen in over 90% of cases, contaminated with mold! If you drink bad coffee, you cannot expect good results to come of it.

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