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Most Satisfying Careers in the Dental Field

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There are multiple paths one can take if they’re interested in getting in the dental industry. Some are more financially rewarding than others, but money alone doesn’t cut it — you have to feel satisfied with your job. Here are some of the most satisfying careers in the dental industry.


Prosthodontics is a word for a special branch of dentistry. This branch of dentistry is dedicated to restoring oral and facial health. To do this, you’ll restore natural teeth and replace missing teeth or tissue with artificial substitutes. It can be done with crowns or bridges, with dentures, and restoring structures that were made defective by injury or birth defects. It’s not exactly a quick field to get into, though. After completing dental school, you’ll still face two to three more years of advanced study and training to be fully approved by the American Dental Association. After that, though, you’ll be fully recognized as a Prosthodontist. This career is particularly satisfying because you’re restoring people’s facial features, which restores their self confidence. At the end of the day, you’re not just repairing a smile, you’re repairing a life.


“Endo” is the Greek word for “inside”, so as you could guess, Endodontics is the treatment of the inside of the tooth. As an Endodontist, you’ll have the good fortune of performing everyone’s favorite dental procedure — root canals. You’ll remove damaged pulp from within the root canal of a tooth to relieve inflammation and pain. It’s not the most glamorous career, but it’s satisfying knowing that you’re relieving people of something that’s been causing them a tremendous amount of pain.


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Pedodontics is the oral health care of children from six months old through their teen years. Dental care is extremely important during the early years, especially when they lose their first set of teeth. If they go without care, they can experience oral decay and disease. Pedodontists have to complete four years of dental school and two additional years of residency training in dentistry with young people. Pedodontics is, perhaps, the most rewarding and satisfying dental career. Not only are you healing children’s teeth, you’re improving their health from decades to come. Unfortunately, the training can get overwhelming, and even once you complete it, the job search is grueling. As you search for potential employers through websites and social media outlets, you’re likely to stumble over many different great practices, including which is a practice that specializes in many different areas. General Dentistry To become a general dentist, you’ll have to complete four years of dental school. They’re not limited to what they can do, and they can choose to perform the treatments or refer the patient to a specialists. They can work in a private practice, in a shared practice, or in a teaching institution. Even though it’s general dentistry, it may be the most satisfying. People can be really insecure about their teeth. If they have discolored, cracked, or missing teeth, it could impact their self confidence. By restoring their smile, you’re giving them a new lease on life.


Orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists must graduate from college and complete a three to five year graduate program at a dental school that’s been accredited by the American Dental Association. After that, you’ll have to go through two or three years of advanced specialty education in a school accredited by the ADA. After all of that, you’ll finally be considered an orthodontist. Quite possibly the most hated of the dentist professions is the orthodonist. As an orthodonist, you’ll have to install and tighten braces. Though many can’t see the immediate advantages of braces, down the road, they’ll be extremely thankful to you. You’ll go home every night knowing that, even though they may hate you now, people will learn to love and respect you once they finally get to take their braces off. There are great orthondontists at who know the destination is worth the journey when it comes to your teeth.


Periodontics is the study of gum disease, as well as the effects and treatment. This branch of dentistry is dedicated to studying the soft tissues and bone supporting the teeth, researching new ways for treating peridontal diseases, and replacing the teeth that were lost due to peridontal disease. To become a Peridontist, you have to complete dental school, then continue your education for three more years so you can obtain a postdoctoral certificate. This field is satisfying because you’re restoring hope to those that thought they lost their smile forever. Not only that, but you’re treating gum diseases as well as preventing future diseases. Regardless of your specialty, nearly every career in the dentistry field is rewarding and satisfying in some aspect. What specialty interests you?

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