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Crucial Hacks that Every Vegan Should Practice for Optimal Health

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  • Are you ready to take the plunge and embrace the benefits of a vegan diet?

There are a lot of great reasons to consider becoming a vegan. There are currently 9.7 million people following a vegan diet in the United States right now.

However, some people are still hesitant to make the shift towards a vegan lifestyle. Deciding to switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet has become somewhat of a trend in our society. Apart from the many environmental advantages of this diet, going vegan can be extremely beneficial for your personal health. If you have considered giving ‘Veganuary’ a go this year, or you have recently decided to lead a plant-based lifestyle, this is the article for you!

Go at Your Own Pace

We’ve all heard people make fun of vegans for having to announce their dietary choices to the world, even when others don’t ask. Don’t let this be you. If you have decided to lead a plant-based lifestyle, keep it to yourself, at least until you have fully transitioned. There is no vegan rulebook to follow and everyone can go at their own pace. If you are used to a heavy consumption of animal products, such as meat and dairy, try to cut down on these slowly. For example, you can begin by switching cow’s milk for a vegan alternative. If you try to cut out all animal products at once you could find the whole process rather overwhelming and give up.

Not All Ingredients Are Created Equally

Vegan ingredients come in all shapes and sizes; however, they aren’t all created equally. For example, processed foods will often contain many additives to make these items have a more durable shelf life. If you have decided to go vegan but all you eat are frozen french fries, you won’t be reaping the same dietary benefits as you would with a homecooked vegan meal. Similarly, vegan staples like soybeans can contain different sources of protein. For instance, a U.S soy amino acid profile has a much higher quality than the amino acid profiles of soybeans from Brazil or India. Make sure you do your research.

Find a Support Group

Finding a vegan support group may sound like a bit of an exaggeration but this can really help newbies find their way within the community. You don’t have to meet a group of vegans every week for a catch-up, however, a simple Facebook group is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge about all things vegan. This is a great way to find new recipes and exchange ideas. This is especially helpful for people who have not been exposed to a vegan lifestyle within their immediate circle and may need a bit more guidance when making the transition.

People are often scared off about becoming a vegan because they see this diet as more hassle than it’s worth. However, being vegan nowadays is easy, especially given the proliferation of alternative products available in supermarkets across the globe. Take things slowly and make the transition at your own pace, there is no need to rush. Make sure you are mindful of the ingredients you consume and find a support group if you find yourself struggling. If you have always been curious about this diet, now is your chance to give it a go!

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