The Doctor will SKYPE You Now

March 14, 2012



the doctor will skype you now telemedicineTelemedicine, video technology and the need for speed collided in my brain today when I was researching a local Urgent Care Startup and found their SKYPE visit page. As in …

the Doctor will SKYPE you now

Realize that just like in the office … will most likely be an NP or PA. I don’t have a problem with that except … I’m not in the office and they aren’t a doctor … they just play one on Skype. It is a brave new world out there …. and I am just a simple country doctor.

What if they take a look through the Skype-oscope and see that you really need to be seen in person? Your Skype visit fee is deducted from your live visit charge – once you have met your co-pay and office visit deductible … of course.

The cost of this Virtual Telemedicine Skype-oscope.  $49