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Experiencing Chronic Pain, Try These Alternatives

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The average American worker is not in good health.

It is estimated that one in six of all American workers have chronic pain, which diminishes their quality of life and makes it difficult to function. But you don’t have to deal with prescription meds.

Research is showing that many alternative treatments could have an even greater relieving the effect of chronic pain.

These are some of the alternative treatments available for chronic pain right now.

How Omega-3 Combats Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is caused primarily by inflammation of the affected area. The benefit of omega-3 fish oils is that they combat this inflammation. Studies have shown that omega-3 has anti-inflammatories inside that battle chronic pain at its source. It’s why they have become so popular as an alternative therapy.

Why are they so important?

Inflammation causes the affected area to swell. This causes pain as things rub up against each other and normal daily function can become difficult.

On a side note, omega-3 may be able to prevent heart disease and neurological disorders later in life. That’s why omega-3 supplements are a great addition to anyone’s life.

Why Yoga is Recommended for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Another alternative treatment for chronic pain is yoga. There’s a reason why yoga has been used for centuries. Most practitioners of this ancient art are not doing it for spiritual reasons they’re doing it for health reasons.

Countless studies have demonstrated that yoga is highly effective at fighting back against chronic pain. But it all depends on the poses and positions adopted.

This is because anyone doing yoga is loosening tense muscles and helping to alleviate their pain. One study showed that yoga in the military can reduce the symptoms of combat stress.

But it’s recommended that you seek out a yoga professional, so you know what the best positions for you are.

Changing Your Diet Can Make a Big Difference

Some cases can be decreased by simply making better dietary choices. As we begin to understand how inflammation works, we have discovered that what you eat determines how severe inflammation can be.

Now diet alone can’t necessarily cure all types of inflammation. But diet influences how acidic our bodies are and how our bodies detoxify.

Processed and refined foods have a bigger effect on inflammation than healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

If you have chronic pain, see if you can make changes to your diet.

Fighting Chronic Pain through Massage Therapy

To relieve pain, massage therapy is often available as part of a physical therapy program. You can also get massage therapy individually. Talk to your doctor to see if there are any local programs available for you. Your medical insurance package may already cover it.

Different massage techniques can have a profound effect on many of the most common types, including back, knee, and neck.

There is a reason why massage therapy forms a comprehensive part of physical therapy programs in hospitals. Patients who are recovering from serious accidents often have a high level of inflammation and massage therapy acts as a natural form of pain relief. 

Last Word – Prescription Meds Are Not the Only Option 

These days it can feel like prescription meds are your only option for fighting chronic pain. But these alternative therapies are allowing patients to relieve their pain without having to pop pills multiple times per day.

And these alternative therapies don’t just target the symptoms of chronic pain they target the root cause of the pain.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

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