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Here Is Why You Should Opt For A Regular Eye Test

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People living in big cities have somehow managed to have a lifestyle not ideal for health. Consuming unhealthy food sitting for hours in front of a computer screen, and remaining inactive most of the time are common characteristics of our modern lifestyle. All of these things make us more prone to develop different types of health issues.

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours or using mobile for long hours affects our eyes. As these are not the only factors to have any eye-related conditions, but these factors surely increase the risk of it. So the question is how we can take care of the eyes. The simple answer would be an eye test.

Just as we see our family doctor and a dentist regularly, the eye examination also has to have the same approach. A study conducted in 2016 at the Chonnam National University Hospital in Seoul observed that the children using a smartphone for hours are at high risk of developing cross-eye condition. Just like this study, there are several other studies carried out in the past and still under process on the adverse effects of such modern lifestyle on our eyes. So it becomes vital for us that we take eye tests seriously regardless of our age.

What does a general eye test include?

Eye Test

A general eye checkup includes all the necessary details to ensure that your eyes are in good condition. A test can also prevent several eye diseases if diagnosed on time. During the test, your optometrist asks you essential details, which includes any discomfort in eyes, vision problems, lifestyle, family history of eye-related issues, etc. These details help in determining whether you need any treatments or not.

Here are some of the common questions your optometrist will ask during an eye test:

  • Any symptoms or issues you are facing such as blurred vision or irritation in eyes
  • Whether you are currently on any medications or not
  • Your lifestyle including your work environment
  • If you have treated for any eye condition previously and your family history.

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to eye conditions, most of them can be adequately treated if they are diagnosed on time. So visiting a reputed eye clinic for a regular check-up increases your chances to have healthy eyesight.

Common vision problems can be treated with vision therapy at any stage of life. Vision therapy merely is focused on improving your vision with eye exercise.

What is vision therapy and how does it help?

vision therapy

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy that is used for both eyes and brain. It has proved effective in treating several common vision problems without the need for the surgery.

What are the common problems that can be treated by vision therapy?

  • Crossed eyes
  • Lazy eye
  • Learning and reading disabilities
  • Double vision
  • Convergence insufficiency

Vision therapy is for patients of any age. However, it is most effective in children, but elders can also benefit from the treatment. Many patients who have been told that they might have to live with the condition for the rest of their life, benefited with remarkable improvement in their condition using vision therapy.

Vision therapy is highly effective for those who have learning disabilities as the therapy directed explicitly towards solving the vision problem that interferes with reading and learning, especially educational information. However, optometrists do not claim that vision therapy is the direct treatment to reduce the symptoms of learning disabilities.

Vision therapy is not an exercise to strengthen the eye muscles, and it involves using different types of equipment such as corrective lenses, therapeutic lenses, optical filters, electronic targets with timing mechanisms, computer software, etc.

Before a vision care professional suggests the treatment, a patient needs a comprehensive vision test. Only after a thorough evaluation of a patient’s condition, the therapy can be started. Vision therapy is performed under the doctor’s observation. It is vital that the eye examination is carried out at a reputed clinic.

Why should you visit a reputed clinic?

An eye clinic with an experienced doctor is best for accurate diagnosis and also proper treatment. Whether you need contact lenses to treat your vision related problem or you need eyeglasses, you get the perfect solution here.

Often, treatments are not the only solution, and the patient might have to take extra care and follow some regime for their eyes for improvement in their condition. Here, proper guidance from an experienced vision professional plays a vital role. Whether you need a regular eye test or you are looking for a solution for a specific eye-related problem, you should depend on a reputed clinic for the best outcome.


Eyes are essential for all of us, and so we should take proper care. If a regular visit to an eye clinic can save us from lots of troubles, then we should be dedicated to it. Whether you are facing any vision issues or you need to take the best prevention for your eyes, you should find a reliable clinic in your area and book your appointment. From children to elders, regular eye checkup is essential.

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