How a Well-Designed Doctor’s Office Could Help Patients

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People who design and decorate doctors’ offices usually concentrate on functionality rather than providing patients with a space that’s pleasant, comfortable and stress-free. However, more and more architects, interior designers and healthcare workers are realizing the benefits of good design. It can make patients feel welcome, less nervous, more trusting and overall leave a better impression about the medical practice they’ve visited. So, here are just some of the design elements of a well-thought-out doctor’s office that can help patients and the clinic’s business.

Make people feel welcome

Some doctors’ offices and waiting rooms feel quite cold, sterile and businesslike. This lack of humanity can turn off patients and make them feel uneasy and stressed out. However, simple welcome boards with portraits and information about doctors on duty and health activities the office offers might make patients feel cheerful and much more relaxed.

Bring in the nature

According to several studies, people who are exposed to nature have a much better recovery time, mood and physical and mental health than those who don’t have access to nature. So, if it’s a possibility, don’t miss a chance to show the patients beautiful views through the windows. Even a representation of nature with a piece of art can have a positive effect and provide a good distraction. Planters with greenery can also be a great mood booster and keep the air fresh and clean.

Magazines instead of TV

We all know how stressful TV can be, especially programs that show news, action movies and touching material. According to one study conducted with blood donors, people who watched TV had a higher blood pressure and pulse rate than those who didn’t. So, ditch the TV sets and provide patients with entertaining magazines, books and collections of short stories. It’s much more educational and calming than TV.

Ditch unhealthy vending machines

It’s important for patients to have consistency. If a clinic gives advice on healthy food and then has a vending machine full of junk food in the hallway, patients will realize that doctors there don’t believe in what they preach. Instead, opt for machines that dispense water, nutritious snacks and fresh fruit. People look up to doctors, and when they see that a practice promotes healthy living both in theory and in practice, they might change their eating habits and improve their health.

Comfy seating

Sitting in line when you’re sick can be grueling, especially when you don’t have appropriate seating. Additionally, some patients might find a hard bench comfortable for their backs, while some might find it extremely uncomfortable to the point of it being painful. So, make sure to provide your patients with a couple of different seating options or adjustable furniture. For instance, some Australian doctors’ offices even choose to equip their workspace with executive-style chairs that are great for healthcare because they can be height-adjusted, tilted and wheeled around. So, try to look up comfortable healthcare furniture in Sydney and make the patients’ stay at the clinic a pleasant experience.

Keep it consistent

The doctor’s office should be designed in a current and fashionable way. An outdated office often makes an impression of an outdated doctor’s practice which doesn’t leave a good association in people’s minds. For instance, no matter how high-tech the equipment is, old furniture and outdated wall decoration will make the space look old fashioned. This might make patients nervous and less trusting towards their doctors. So, staying up-to-date will make the patients feel much safer and relaxed.

Doing all of this for the patients shows you care about them and their well-being, and improves the overall healthcare experience for people of all ages and health problems. The patients will gladly return to such a practice and even give recommendations to their friends and family.

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