How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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People who are watching their weight know that the holiday season can be a caloric minefield. Many diets have been laid to waste by the holidays. But with a little planning and some awareness you can make it through the holidays relatively unscathed.

People who are watching their weight know that the holiday season can be a caloric minefield. Many diets have been laid to waste by the holidays. But with a little planning and some awareness you can make it through the holidays relatively unscathed.

One thing to realize is that the holiday season is long. It lasts from Thanksgiving to New Years. That’s nearly two months of constant snacking, drinking and sometimes binge eating.

The best way to make it through the holiday season is to acknowledge that it is going to be difficult and set some realistic goals. It may be unrealistic to think that you are going to continue to lose weight as you go to party after party and get together with family and friends.

Weight loss may be hard but that doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your current weight. At worst you may have to accept a one or two pound gain. As long as you set your expectations going into the season you should be okay.

One way to ensure that you don’t ruin all the hard work you have done all year is to track all the food you eat throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you have to carry around a little notebook with you and write down everything. There are many weight loss smartphone apps that you can download that will keep track of and add up all the calories that you consume in a single day. This allows you to be aware of how much you are eating. And you may be surprised at how many calories some of those snacks contain. You could also try some of the polular work out apps.

You might want to enlist the help of a friend or your significant other in your quest to fend off any holiday weight gain. Not only does another person give you support but they will also hold you accountable for your actions.

If you both have the same goal you can keep each other on track. There will be times when you “fall off the wagon” and need a shoulder to lean on. If you can put together a group of people with the same goal that’s even better.

The holiday party is the demise of many of the best intentions. There are fatty foods, loads of sugar and the alcohol flows like water. With a little advanced party preparation you can make it out of there with relatively little damage.

The first thing you should do is eat some good food before you get to the party. Some raw vegetables will fill your stomach and make it less likely for you to binge on fatty and starchy foods at the party. Also, you need some proteins. Two hard boiled eggs or a chicken breast are good choices. You can even try one of those protein shakes that are on sale at nearly every grocery store.

Once you get to the party it is best if you avoid alcohol because those are just empty calories. Just because you are not drinking alcohol does not mean you have to be a stick in the mud. You can still toast everyone with sparkling water or diet soda.

If you must have alcohol, avoid any sweet drinks like margaritas and daiquiris. Also avoid any cream based drinks. Mix your favorite spirit with soda water or tonic. If you want a sweet drink use a diet soda in your favorite flavor.

If you want to avoid all temptation and continue your weight loss through the holiday season you might want to consider attending a weight loss retreat.

Weight loss retreats have become more popular with those wanting to a serious change in their lives. Many of these retreats are more like five-star resorts when compared to the “fat camps” of the past. Many of them are located on some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

You get healthy meals prepared by world-class chefs. But more than that you get a complete nutrition plan that you can take home with you to continue your weight loss and healthy lifestyle later on.

These retreats provide customized workout plans designed by a certified personal trainer. You will have access to some of the best fitness instructors on the planet. No matter what your ultimate goal is, your personal trainer can set up a plan to help you get there.

So, no matter what your goals are, getting though the holiday season can be fun and enjoyable. With a little planning you can arrive in the New Year in great shape and ready to take on the world.

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