How Do Food Delivery Workers Stay Safe?

September 11, 2019


Food delivery personnel face unique risks when on the job. They go to other people’s homes, where they do not know what they will encounter. Maybe they will come across a vicious dog or the homeowner might pull a weapon. They could even get robbed by a passerby on their way to deliver a meal. With so many risks, a safety plan that includes lone worker safety devices is critical. Get some tips to keep your employees safe and learn what to look for in a safety device.

Stay Safe on the Roads

Your delivery drivers spend a large portion of their days in their vehicles. Your lone worker safety plan should focus on driver safety. Employees should inspect their vehicles before they begin their shifts and practice driver safety, such as wearing seatbelts. Drivers need to keep distractions at a minimum and obey the rules of the road. Also, they should park in well-lit areas.

Be Mindful of the Surroundings

Teach your delivery drivers to be mindful of their surroundings. If they think they are in danger, they should call the customer or go back to their vehicles. For example, if a delivery driver sees a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard, he or she shouldn’t approach. Instead, it’s wise to call the customer and ask to meet outside.

Dress the Part

You want your delivery drivers to put customers at ease. If customers don’t realize the person approaching is the delivery driver, a fight could ensue. If you don’t use uniforms, make sure the vehicle is marked. Also, have your employees wear light-colored clothing so they don’t look threatening.

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Use Driver Photos

More and more companies are sending driver photos to customers who place orders. This makes customers feel safer and it also protects the driver. When customers know who to expect, they are less likely to get aggressive.

Use Lone Worker Safety Devices

You also need to use lone worker safety devices to protect your employees. Choose devices that allow delivery drivers to tag risks to share with other drivers. The device should include GPS location monitoring and live stream video in case there is an issue. Select a device that also has an alarm system in case anything goes wrong.

You can get a stand-alone device or a safety solution that works on mobile phones. Once you choose your solution, make sure your delivery drivers have it with them every time they leave your business. This will protect your delivery drivers, customers, and business, and should be part of your safety plan.

Keep Your Delivery Drivers Safe

Employee safety is one of the most important issues you face. You need to protect your delivery drivers when you aren’t with them. That is possible with the right lone worker safety devices. Also, go over other safety plans with your drivers, such as staying safe on the road. With the right plan in place, your drivers will have confidence when they leave your restaurant and deliver food.