How To Get a New Nursing Job Efficiently

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Most nurses right out of school will take one of the first nursing jobs offered to them as the fear of massive student debt pushes them to do so. Other nurses might be in the ICU and could want a slower pace on a daily basis. Whatever the reason for changing specialties or even wanting to change hospitals can be difficult. The following are a few of the many ways to get a new nursing job in an efficient fashion.

Cash In Those Favors

Many people do not realize that they can reach out to those they have worked with in the past to see if they are aware of any open jobs. Something as simple as covering a shift for a senior nurse can benefit a nurse in the future as recommendations can help sell a nurse when applying for a job. Personal contacts can also be used in the job search as many people do not tap into this resource. Family friends might not be able to get you a job themselves but they could recommend you to the doctor or hospital of your dreams. Whenever someone says “let me know if you ever need anything” take this as a favor you can cash in and there is no better time to cash in favors than when looking for a job!

Educate Yourself Further

With all of the fields that there are in nursing, there are plenty of degrees and certifications that have to be met. Even someone who is an RN has to go back to school in order to become a nurse practitioner. Knowing what requirements it takes to switch jobs or fields is essential to begin your search. Picking up classes after shifts is quite possible if you plan your schedule carefully. Do not make any decisions until you have all that is required to make a job switch. Sometimes the body might not hold up to the rigors of nursing life. For joints you should consider using Glucosamine Sulphate as this can relieve pain as well as stress on the joints.

Find Online Communities

In the past, nurses had to look in the classifieds or even job to a physical hospitals/doctor’s offices to see if there were jobs available. While these tactics can still be effective, they are in no way efficient especially with the numerous job seeking websites available. The nursing community is a close one so joining a website geared towards those in nursing can do a multitude of things. First, these sites generally have job openings in a certain section that might not be posted on general job websites. Second, asking those who have switched jobs in nursing can be quite illuminating and their tips can be quite beneficial. Lastly, these sites have numerous articles on all things nursing including getting jobs. Research jobs and do not be afraid to ask those in the community how they enjoy their field.

Reach Out To People You Went To Nursing School With

Those who go through the rigors of nursing school develop a special bond as it can test the students both mentally and physically. Reaching out to those that you went to nursing school is a great tactic to see where the job market is. There will undoubtedly be at least a few other people looking to switch jobs. Do not be afraid to ask these people how the job search is going as you do not want to leave a steady paying job if nursing jobs have dried up in your area. A group email chain after nursing school can be a great resource for all of those involved, plus you can coordinate some class reunions.

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