Larklife: The Wristband That Tracks You Eating, Sleeping or Running

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Now there is a wristband to track your daily activities. Called Larklife, created by Lark, this wristband tracks your diet, sleep, calories burned and distance traveled.
The concept behind this gadget is that getting in your best shape and staying fit is not just about the time spent working out in the gym – it is what you do the rest of the day as well. Lark team aims to make fitness monitoring a constant part of a user’s life.

Lark is not the only company producing its so-called life monitor, as other fitness innovators, such as Nike and Jawbone, have created wrist monitors. The Larklife is more advanced, though – not only in tracking your every step and every move – but by providing integration via an app with the user’s iOS device.

The Larklife device will be release for $150 later this year and will come with an accompanying iOS app.







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