How To Stay Healthy For 2020: A Few Helpful Guidelines

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  Health should be your biggest resolution for 2020. For some, that comes in the form of staying fit, and for others, this may mean leaving behind toxic relationships, including an emotionally abusive marriage. Whatever your health goals are, keeping up with them is important and will allow you the best 2020 possible. Here are some health guidelines to keep in mind for 2020.

Don’t Go Too Slow… or Too Fast

Finding a balanced pace is important when improving your health. What do we mean by this? Let’s look at working out. When it comes to getting into fitness, people either fall into one of two extremes. First, it’s going too slow. You may find yourself working out too slowly, skipping gym days and not putting enough effort into your workouts. This can end up with you experiencing fewer results, which may mean that you feel discouraged. Then, there’s going too fast. Too many people go into the gym and give it their all, only to feel achy and tired the next day. The same applies to dieting. So many people make too many changes to their diet without dipping their toes in the water, and this just makes them go back to their normal lifestyle. Different people will pace themselves at different rates, and it’s important to find the pace that’s right for you.

Focus on The Mind, Not Just the Body

Too many people try to work on losing weight or gaining muscle while ignoring the most important muscle of all: your brain. Your mental health is just as vital as your physical health, even more so. Your mind is something you don’t want to lose as you grow older, and having a strong mind gives you more confidence and drive to work on your body. With that said, working out can be good for your mind, too. Both mind and body feed off each other. Make sure you’re getting the right nutrition for your mind, and keep it sharp by wanting to learn new activities or hobbies. One way you can sharpen your mind is to speak with a counselor or a therapist. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, finding a therapist will help control your emotions and teach you ways to keep yourself in line. Search for “therapy near me” and get started.

The Importance of Accountability

In the age where everyone has a phone or computer, there is no excuse not to have a way to keep yourself accountable. Be it an app that reminds you to accomplish your goals, or a group of online friends cheering you on, holding yourself accountable whenever possible is a smart move to make. By accountability, we don’t mean that you should beat yourself up should you end up falling short of expectations. We all make mistakes, after all. However, you should try to learn from your mistakes, and hold yourself accountable as needed. Once again, this is a situation where balance is key.

The Importance of Flexible Goals

Goals should be a little flexible if you’re trying to become healthier. For example, say you begin 2020 wanting to save $10,000. This is a goal that is a little lofty for many, but you want to see if you can do it. However, you should have a little flexibility in that goal. If you end up coming short, you should celebrate how much you’ve saved regardless. If you end up saving more, then celebrate the fact that you smashed that goal. Keeping a goal flexible, and adjusting it according to changes you may encounter, is a great way for you to feel more accomplished.

Do What Makes You Happy

Finally, we end things off with some advice that sounds a little generic, yet there are many who should hear it. Don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy. If you dreamed about being a writer, spend some time writing a story. If you’re a child at heart who watches cartoons, don’t be afraid to stream some of them. We only have one life, and we’re already 20 years into the new millennium. Why not spend time doing the activities you love? Here’s hoping your 2020 is even happier and healthier than 2019.

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