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Leading People to Healthy Living through Blogging

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Blogging can accomplish a myriad of different things. Depending on the specialty, your blog may have a goal of helping people, informing people, or getting them involved. Health blogs are unique because they can cover such a wide range of subjects from so many different angles. Health bloggers have a big responsibility to provide information. People may not do their own research. They depend on the information you offer them. Health blogs should also get people motivated to make healthy changes. When you start your healthy living blog, there are some tactics that can help you make that necessary connection with your readers.


Health topics can easily isolate readers, as they often come with a lot of technical terms. This is especially true of blogs that touch on medical complications. When people feel disconnected form what they are reading, they zone out, stop reading, and find another blog. There is a rule when it comes to writing that states you should aim to write for an eighth-grade audience. This works because people want to get information fast. They do not want to have to leave the page to look things up or feel confused. For a connection to be formed with the audience, it is pertinent to form content that is easily understood. If you feel some medical terms need to be used, hyperlink to an explanation. People should go away with something they can use in their everyday life.

Set Goals

You can lead people to a healthy lifestyle by giving them something to work towards. You can set goals through long-term calendars or set small goals one post at a time. These can include things like diet changes, weight loss, or exercise goals. Invite readers to comment with their results. You can easily use your social media links to post daily motivational quotes or reminders, as well. Your readers can feel like a part of a group and support each other. Use activities that are you plan to try out yourself, so you can do them along with your readers. Look for more great ideas on Howtocreateablog as you research quick tutorials for creating a blog.

Leave them Hanging…Just a Little

You want readers to have a reason to come back. You can entice them to come back when by leaving a little preview at the end of a blog or on social media. Plan something big, like an interview with a doctor or nutritionist, and build up some anticipation. The goals you set may also have people checking in to see how the rest of the community did with the assignment. Post your own before and after pictures if you are headed towards a body-oriented goal, as well. you want people to feel satisfied after reading a post, but also excite to see what’s next.

Bringing in an initial audience is a big part of starting a blog. Once they are there, however you need to create a community. You can build a connection to your audience by setting goals, giving them something to look forward to, and simplifying the content.

Clear Misconceptions

The world suffers from Information Overload. Infobesity hinders our decision making. Instead of providing too much information on the topic, focus on inspiring your readers to take actions. Prompt them to act by clearing up misconceptions. There are many misconceptions about healthy living, including:

  • Working Out for An Hour at the Gym is Enough

It doesn’t suffice you for the whole day. Yes, it’s good but don’t underestimate how your routine ruins your health. We are designed to move. So, don’t sit for hours without interrupting yourself.

  • Only Eat When You Are Hungry

Studies show that people who only eat when they are hungry are more likely to suffer from diabetes or other health issues. Take care of your diet.

  • Vitamin Supplements and Juicing are Healthy

Several studies show health supplements offer no benefit if you don’t really need them. Instead, they harm your body. Moreover, a juice-only diet doesn’t clear toxins out of your body. You need to combine it with a proper healthy diet.

Help your readers have a clear mindset. Clear up their misconceptions, and promote them to act. Tell them what they have been doing wrong with constructive criticism. It will help your readers a lot!

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