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Top 10 Medical Sales Items That are Saving Lives

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Medical engineers and scientists have been saving lives for many years now with the invention of simple devices. Some of these medical items operate with very simple solutions while others are complex, offering solutions that help doctors solve very complicated medical problems. Medical sales items that save lives are needed to assist healthcare professionals in providing better services.

The Peacemaker

This small device has been saving lives for over six decades since its invention. It is used to supply the human heart with low-energy electrical pulses to overcome a faulty electrical signaling. The peacemaker device is surgically placed in the abdomen or chest of the patient to control the rhythm and rate of heartbeat.

SmartPill GI Monitoring System

Gastrointestinal problems can lead to issues that can cause serious effects on a patient. To solve this problem or know the cause of ailment doctors normally have to make the patient pass through an invasive procedure. SmartPill offers a simpler method. All the patient has to do is swallow it and wear a receiver belt around their waist. The pill collects data and transfers it to the receiver which the doctor can later retrieve to analyze the cause of the problem.

Insulin Pumps

Despite regular intake of insulin tablet millions of people who have diabetes still have unpredictable effects from insulin or unbalanced blood glucose levels. An insulin pump is a simple device that helps to automate blood sugar management, making sure the patient receives the right measurement of insulin in their body.

Breath Alert

Infants sometimes forget to breathe which can lead to a deadly condition known as apnea. This is a big problem in the developing world where babies are monitored by nurses. Breath Alert is a device placed on the baby’s abdomen, and it vibrates if it senses the infant is not breathing.

Heart Defibrillator

People have died after their heartbeat stops. The heart defibrillator is an amazing device that is placed on individuals who have lost pulse so that they can re-establish blood flow. The device is placed on the chest without contact with the heart, thereby providing a speedy treatment during cardiac arrest.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Some patients, like expectant mothers, need their blood pressure checked every 20 minutes. This is often difficult to achieve manually since nurses have to attend to many patients within a short period. The blood pressure monitor allows doctors set intervals they want testing to be done.


In some remote parts of the world, patients have to travel long distances to get medical attention. These patients are exposed to conditions that make matters worse or lead to their deaths. CardioPad is a wireless solution that enables monitoring of patients, in a long distance, via Bluetooth and mobile network.

Radiology System

Medical imaging technology plays a crucial role in providing data that help to save a patient’s life. Manual file storage and retrieval can be cumbersome and lead to slow delivery of medical service. A Radiology picture archiving and communication system, or Radiology PACS offers an economical storage and easy access to images from various source machine types.

CT Scan

Computer tomography scans help save lives by providing a detailed 3D image of internal organs inside the body. They are used to diagnose cancer and detect injuries to the head, contributing to saving the lives of children and adults.

IntelliDot System

Patient safety is a serious issue in the medical field everywhere in the world. Sometimes, minimal issues like patients not getting the right medication can put their lives at risk. The IntelliDot System is a wristband device that ensures patients are getting the right medicine and dosage.Medical sales items make the work of doctors and other health workers simpler and more efficient. They also help save lives and provide hope for patients.

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