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How to Make the Decision Between a Long Term Facility and an In-Home Nurse for Elderly Relatives?

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Making the decision between a long term facility and an in-home nurse is tough. Around 8.3 million people opt for long term facilities every year. But the right decision depends entirely on the circumstances of your elderly relatives and yourself. Sit down and discuss this together with your relatives. Here are some tips to help make the decision.

What?s the Cheapest Option?

Choosing to take one of the 1.7 million beds in a nursing homes across the nation will be cheaper than hiring a nurse to visit them at home. It?s estimated that a nurse will cost $19 per hour, so, depending on need, a nurse could run up a total of $170,000 or more every single year. You may not have that sort of money to spare, so a long term facility could be the best option.

The Value of Home

Some elderly relatives may not want to leave their homes. The idea of going into a nursing home could scare them. They may be adamant that they?re not going to go anywhere. Ultimately, it?s their decision and you have to respect that. An in-house nurse is, therefore, a good option because it allows them to get the care they need without abandoning the home they?ve lived in for many years.

Other Needs in the Home

You also have another need you must take into account. An in-house nurse will only do so much. They?re not going to also clean your relative?s home. You must factor in the costs of a residential cleaner like MaidThis, if you?re not going to do the cleaning yourself. Again, these expenses must be incorporated into your budget.

Consider Assisted Living as a Compromise

So what if you can?t afford an in-house nurse but your relative doesn?t want to enter a nursing home? The compromise is assisted living. This is where they enter a community that provides them with the assistance they need, but they get their own living space and they?re not placed in a care facility. For many people who crave privacy and a sense of normalcy, this is the ideal option. Assisted living facilities are also typically cheaper than in-house assistance.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Sometimes staying at home is an option because you?re willing to assist. Family members who have the time and want to help may be able to move into the elderly relative?s home and help them to accomplish their basic needs alongside some professional help. Take note that this option is only recommended for people without serious illnesses. Those with serious illnesses should have access to 24-hour medical help. For many families, this is the option prior to entering a care facility. But you should remember that this is a full-time job and a big commitment to make.

Last Word ? What?s the Best Option?

It all comes down to the medical situation, time, and money. Richer families may be able to afford in-house help, but for most average American families they may opt for an assisted living facility. That is important for helping people to maintain their independence without putting them at risk. But this is a decision you must make together, even if it?s incredibly difficult to manage. Have you had this conversation with your loved ones yet?

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