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Medivizor: Personalized Health Research

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One of the biggest challenges in fighting a chronic or serious illness is wading through and understanding the thousands (or millions) of articles, posts, and research studies that can be found online. Medivizor has a solution for that problem by providing personalized health research curation based on a detailed questionnaire completed by a subscriber. On Get Social Health, I have a conversation with Medivizor CEO Tal Givoly about providing patients with research that is vetted for accuracy and relevancy. Catch our conversation or drop in at time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Tal Givoly, CEO of Medivizor
01:55 “Chronic web researcher”
03:49 How does the Medivizor search work?
05:04 How is relevancy determined?
07:50 Needle in the wrong haystack
08:31 Delivering any information or only currently usable information?
09:42 Midivizor is not focused on preventive or diagnosis information
12:55 Physician’s response to bad information from patients
15:10 How does the physician get copies of the information
16:30 The family physician

Tal Givoly (CEO) Dr. Oren Fuerst (Chairman) Prof. Steven Kaplan, MD (Chief Medical Officer)

Tal Givoly (CEO)
Dr. Oren Fuerst (Chairman)
Prof. Steven Kaplan, MD (Chief Medical Officer)

17:08 What is the business model for Medivizor
20:35 Standard of care/treatment protocols
20:35 How many patients are in Medivizor?
21:08 Does this data reflect population health?
23:40 Who is vetting all the information?
24:41 Is there a community for Medivizor members?
26:15 #PatientChat
29:16 Why did you start Medivizor?
32:55 How many members are caregivers vs patients?
33:55 linking to content online.
34:00 Where am I going to get enough content
Putting labels and roles on people
35:25 How does social media play into Medivizor
37:20 Is your platform in English only?
37:55 What are your financial goals?
38:40 How is the information provided?
40:16 Social Media Tip: Jared Johnson – Be thankful
40:56 A special Announcement! Launching the Get Social Health Academy pilot course launch!

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