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Meet the First Surgeon to YouTube Livestream an Operation with Google Glass

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google glassOn the 28th of October 2013, Marlies Schijven became the first surgeon to livestream an operation to YouTube using Google Glass.  She hosts the community google glassOn the 28th of October 2013, Marlies Schijven became the first surgeon to livestream an operation to YouTube using Google Glass.  She hosts the community for Google Glass in surgical use, ‘Google Glass Surgeons.’

Here is her impressive biography:

An MD PhD MHSc who graduated “cum laude” in both medicine and public health, Marlies Schijven is a Surgeon and Master in Health Sciences.  She  is also a well-known researcher in the field of mHealth, Simulation and Serious Gaming.  During her surgical residency, Marlies performed research resulting in the first PhD thesis on medical simulation in the Netherlands:  Virtual Reality Simulation for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: the process of validation and implementation in the surgical curriculum outlined.  In addition  to being a surgeon, Dr. Schijven is the President of the Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare, currently the largest national Society for Simulation in Europe. She is a member of many Surgical Societies and a member of and accreditation site reviewer for the American Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  Dr. Schijven is known for her large number of Pubmed indexed publications and is a reviewer of several high-indexed medical journals on the area of surgery, mhealth, medical education and medical simulation.  She is an expert in the area of medical simulation validation studies and processes.  She was granted several government grants for her research on mHealth, Medical Simulation and Serious Gaming and is an international (co) promotor of several PhD students.

Marlies was with us in Amsterdam, thanks to Dr Rafael Grossmann, Doctors 2.0 & You first Google Glass surgeon speaker, in June 2013.

Marlies answered two quick questions for Doctors 2.0 & You.

Denise Silber: How did you get interested in new technologies?

Marlies Schijvens: Before I attended medical school and became a surgeon, I studied at the Design Academy and subsequently, completed a Master in Health Sciences. Exploring new technologies, innovation and the combination with research is I would say, natural to me.  During my surgical residency, I completed my PhD thesis on the validation of virtual reality and medical simulation technology for surgery. In healthcare,  especially being a surgeon,  I am always on the lookout for new technology to help me to improve patient care. Either as ‘smart solutions’ in our working envonment, such as application technology and development for Google Glass, or by developing new training solutions for young professionals in training.  As we need to be sure that conditions for implementation are optimal and valid, in our academic setting rigourous studies are always paired with exploring such ‘disruptive innovations’. This is to ensure and ultimately enhance patient safety.

Denise Silber: What are you looking forward to,  in attending and speaking at Doctors 2.0 & You?

Marlies Schijvens: Innovation, inspiration and information. And of course, meeting lots of interesting people and seeing new technologies!

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