Mobility Equipment for Senior Citizens

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Mobility aids are beneficial because they assist people with physical impairments. These aids help senior citizens who have mild to severe physical disabilities or who experience fatigue when taking long walks. Senior citizens can use mobility aids to travel between points as they complete daily tasks, enjoy leisurely activities, and venture outdoors. Many senior citizens have lauded mobility aids, claiming that they gain a sense of freedom and autonomy when using them since they assist them in moving about without the help of nurses or other types of caregivers. This post will discuss the various types of mobility products currently available on the market, identify the features of these products, and elaborate upon the ways in which each product can ameliorate the life of a senior citizen. Note that, when choosing a mobility product, there are several factors to consider.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is propelled by its occupant or by the occupant’s helper. This type of wheelchair requires the use of upper body strength if the occupant wants to move forward or backward. Senior citizens can use manual wheelchairs to travel short distances or for situations that require a small amount of mobility. Manual wheelchairs are not suitable for long-distance travel. Many manual wheelchairs are foldable and can be placed in a closet or in the trunk of a car. This type of wheelchair is an excellent option for a senior citizen seeking a mobility aid that is lightweight, easy to store, and easy to transport.

Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter has a function that is similar to that of the electric wheelchair but its design resembles that of a scooter. Mobility scooters are usually battery-run and are often comprised of two to three wheels, two handlebars, and a swiveling chair. The handlebars are used for steering, so a mobility scooter’s occupant must be able to use both hands in order to maneuver the device and must be able to balance it in order to keep it stable as it travels across distances. Mobility scooters are typically larger and heavier than wheelchairs and cannot be folded; so, compared to wheelchairs, mobility scooters are much less storage-friendly. Moreover, because of stability concerns, these scooters cannot be maneuvered around tight corners or taken across uneven terrains. Nevertheless, these scooters are customizable, easy to assemble, and can travel at very fast speeds. This article shows more information about the best mobility scooter to buy in 2018.

Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair, or a power wheelchair, is run by a battery and a motor. The occupant for this type of wheelchair can propel it with the touch of a button, rendering it suitable for those with little to no upper body stamina or with restricted use of their arms and hands. Senior citizens can use this type of wheelchair to travel long distances, maneuver around tight corners, and venture across uneven terrains. Like manual wheelchairs, many electric wheelchairs are foldable and can be easily stored and transported. Unlike the manual wheelchair, the electric wheelchair requires little physical effort and gives its user a strong sense of independence since it can be driven without outside assistance. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the electric wheelchair requires regular maintenance and its battery must be charged on a regular basis.

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