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Mobile Health Around the Globe: Africa and Asia – MyCrisisRecords

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The expanded use of mobile wireless health care technology in medical facilities and the wireless utilization of mobile devices (MDs) opens up new opportunities for mobile health technology industry leaders, patients and medical facilities. Since wireless MDs are now connected to Medical Information Technology (IT) networks, IT networks are remotely accessible through the MD.

The expanded use of mobile wireless health care technology in medical facilities and the wireless utilization of mobile devices (MDs) opens up new opportunities for mobile health technology industry leaders, patients and medical facilities. Since wireless MDs are now connected to Medical Information Technology (IT) networks, IT networks are remotely accessible through the MD. Medical information exchange can be readily displayed at point of care on a smartphone and securely transmitted to the approaching treatment facility before the patient arrives, allowing  health care providers to perform a knowledge-based assessment and an evidence-based treatment intervention.

Innovative wireless technologies are positioned to redefine emergency medicine and produce outcomes that avoid adverse events and decrease costs. Providers, Hospitals, Clinics, Governments, Employer Groups and Health Plans as well as many other industries, such as, the airlines, auto industry and occupational and safety employee benefits administrators will leverage mobile health technologies to enhance operations, reduce cost, improve member and employee satisfaction and loyalty. The health care sector will experience enhanced patient satisfaction, quality and outcome. The storage capacity, fast computing speeds, ease of use, and portability render mobile health technology an optimal solution.









The Healthcare and Public Health sector for example, is a multi-trillion dollar industry employing over 13 million personnel, including approximately five million first-responders, three million registered nurses, and more than 800,000 physicians.1

Typically, modern MDs are not designed to be accessed remotely; instead they are intended to be networked at their point of use. However, the flexibility and scalability of mobile health wireless technology networking makes remote access a convenient and efficient option for organizations deploying MDs within their facilities.

MCR Global has developed a unique mobile system called MyCrisisRecords to be used in an emergency response situation.

The following examples highlight this technology:


  • Doctors use of tablets and smart phones to access patient health record to review and update medical conditions and medications and upload any type of diagnostic files using a special link sent by the patient so the doctors office managers can upload files from their remote location.









  • Patients use a custom designed remote digital device to download their updated personal health record PDF with the embedded diagnostic files available for review without Internet connectivity.





  • A user friendly universal web app capable of displaying vital health data, uploaded diagnostic files and updating personal health data anywhere anytime on any browser on a smart phone.












  • A QR code embedded on an ID Crisis Card is scanned by a first responder at the scene of the emergency using their QR code reader on their smart phone. The victim’s vital health data is immediately displayed on the first responder’s smart phone allowing for a knowledge-based assessment at point of care. Furthermore, the vital data is transmitted from the responder’s smart phone to the designated emergency room before the victim arrives through the doors!


  • Medical professionals who are able to access vital health data at point of care discover the medical and social needs of an unfamiliar patient and are then ready to intervene. Once treatment is completed the facility can simply upload any diagnostic files directly into the patient health record. These benefits provide a new pathway for patients to gain a sense of control with their health care experience.

Dr. Margaret Mojapelo

Dr Margaret Mojapelo, Chief Medical Director, MCR Africa and President of MediSafari, a medical tourism company, has been using MyCrisisRecords for about a year and says,

“This innovative wireless technology will revolutionize and redefine emergency medical response in Africa”.

Countless lives are lost and hundreds of thousands of adverse events occur annually in the emergency rooms because doctors do not have the life saving health record. MCR Africa’s mission is to avoid these unnecessary adverse events, save lives and reduce medical expenses.

Dr Mojapelo goes on to explain,

” The system is patient centric and patients’ well being is at the core of our business strategy. We intend to have a profound and lasting positive impact on treatment outcomes. This innovation has dramatically shifted the focus of emergency medical services from a reactive to a proactive model while placing the patient in a meaningful and central role. This integrated patient centric model is ranked among the world’s first and best innovative emergency response system of modern times.”

MCR Africa business unit will comprehensively service the local and regional consumers with 24/7 Call Centre and daytime Customer Service via the secure web site at:

MCR Africa is currently responding to other countries on the continent who have asked for MyCrisisRecords

  • An international humanitarian asked that it be used in refugee camps in Kenya
  • The Health Minister of Tanzania has requested that it be made available there
  • A large healthcare system in Zimbabwe has requested the technology
  • A large diamond mine in Botswana has requested it to be integrated into their occupational and safety program
  • A multi-million dollar auto insurance company has requested information on MyCrisisRecords
  • A well-known auto manufacturer has requested information on MyCrisisRecordsImage

MCR has also formed a partnership with Borderless HealthCare Group, a global group of companies under the management of key players in the medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance and media industries. BGH has a truly global approach to healthcare and is in the process of creating a “Health Valley” in Asia that will include health-cloud services, mobile health applications, super health portals, mobile medical concierges, multi-media health content subscriptions, a digital bio-pharmacy, e-clinics, a global second opinion network, personalized nutrition, 3D dental printing and digital home health.

BHG has numerous projects underway and plans to use MyCrisisRecords in several of them.

Fly Free For Health is a borderless health and wellness hub, connecting patients to health education, wellness programs, doctor information, and medical tourism.  Offering MyCrisisRecords to medical tourism clients could allay fears of traveling while ill.

Medically Informed Minder (MIM) is a new program for elderly care that will launch in Singapore later this year and then be offered in other countries in Asia soon afterwards.  Elderly patients that live at home and are cared for by non-professional caregivers will have MyCrisisRecords accounts ensuring prompt attention if they become ill or injured. 

Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder of BHG explains that 50% of the elderly in Singapore are cared for by domestic helpers.  With MyCrisisRecords, these caregivers can get help immediately through the interactive healthcare hub and call center.  The home-owner can interact virtually with the care-giver and call center to make sure all is done to take care of the patient.  Dr. Wei goes on to say that today, healthcare must be consumer-centric, and BHG embraces that model in introducing MIM and incorporating MyCrisisRecords.

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1. Healthcare & Public Health Sector Specific Plan., website last accessed 27 March 2012.

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