New Hybrid Imaging Technology (VIDEO)

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New Hybrid Imaging Technology from Patient Power® on Vimeo.

New Hybrid Imaging Technology from Patient Power® on Vimeo.

In what’s becoming the age of “precision medicine” in cancer care, patients are learning it is important to receive a correct diagnosis of their specific situation. Then they hope there is a targeted medicine available for what may be a cancer “subtype.” Lastly, as they undergo treatment, they want an assessment of whether the treatment is working. To get this precision for many cancers we need great clarity of imaging studies. Biopsies and blood tests aren’t enough and some imaging modalities have strengths, but weaknesses, too. What if you could combine modalities so it could be used with some repetition but with a low risk of radiation to the patient? That’s what’s emerging now by combining PET and MR. One company that is leading the way in this is Siemens. Recently Patient Power Founder Andrew Schorr, a two time cancer survivor himself and on the advisory board of Healthworks Collective, interviewed two experts about PET MR, its utility, benefits, and future use.

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