Popular Diets That Are Backed By Science

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Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and at times, the decision to lose weight or gain weight depending on their own body’s needs. Listening to your body is vital and the wealth of information freely available on the internet gives people various options.

People do not only go on diets to lose weight but also to manage cholesterol levels and seeking to live a better quality of life that is healthier. When looking for the ideal diet, it best to know and understand what it is because it does not translate to starving yourself or eating junk.

Depending on what your goals are, a diet is simply an eating and drinking plan that accommodates those goals. An example of an eating plan would be an intermittent fasting guide.

Here are some diets that are also scientifically supported and ensure that you maintain good health while meeting your body goals.

The Atkins Diet

This diet focuses on controlling the insulin level in the body through a diet consisting of low carbs. Carbohydrates are known to increase insulin levels, which leads to the body using stored fat as a source of energy. The Atkins diet is not suited to everyone, and you should consult your physician before undertaking it.

The Zone Diet

This diet balances carbs, fat, and protein in each meal. This ensures that your nutritional needs are met and measured. Each meal is design to control insulin levels leading to weight loss and weight control. The diet focuses on consuming high-quality carbs, unrefined carbs and healthy fats from oils, fruits, and nuts.

The Ketogenic Diet

This diet has been linked to the relief of epilepsy and is being researched for additional uses. The diet entails reducing one’s intake of carbs and increasing fat intake. This is designed to burn body fat and use it as fuel. The diet entails eating foods such as coconuts, avocados, nuts, oily fish and olive oil.

The Vegetarian Diet 

This is probably one of the most popular diets of our times and many people choose this diet as a lifestyle. People have varied reasons for converting their diet, from religious to losing weight to moralistic reasons.

Like any diet, it is important to ensure that a vegetarian diet meets nutritional needs. There are different types of vegetarianism and most of them are scientifically approved.

The Vegan Diet 

Being a vegan is a step up from being a vegetarian and takes things a step further by eliminating products that may contain animal traces. These foods tend to include eggs, dairy, and honey. Usually, people choose this diet for ethical reasons and deep empathy for animals.

Weight Watchers Diet

Scientists agree that a large part of weight loss is psychological and a support system is extremely helpful. Weight Watchers Inc. not only offers diet but support through a network of people with a common goal and that is controlling their weight.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet was designed by a cardiologist, Dr. Agatston, alongside a nutritionist named Marie Almon. The two created a diet that focuses on controlling insulin levels and looking at the benefits of slow carbs and fast carbs. The diet has proven to be more sustainable and more effective than low-fat diets.

The bottom line 

Find the right diet for your goals is difficult, but once you find something that helps you work towards your goals, it becomes easier. A good diet has to be healthy and balanced and contain all the nutrients you need to get by.

Any diet that promises fast results or miracles should be scrutinized and researched. A good diet should accommodate your lifestyle needs and add value to your lifestyle.

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