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Survey: Public Opinion on ACA Ahead of SCOTUS Ruling

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We’re inching closer to the multi-day arguments set to happen before the SCOTUS regarding the constitutionality of the ACA, specifically, the individual mandate provision. A Kaiser Foundation tracking poll indicates that a third of all voters (respondents) think that the entire law will be revoked if the high court finds the plaintiffs’ assertions has cause. Perhaps what is more important is the fact that Americans remain divided over the issue of the existence of the law.

As the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act approaches on March 23, Americans remain as divided on the law as ever, with 37 percent in January saying they have a favorable view of it, and 44 percent having an unfavorable view. At the same time, the share of the public that favors expanding the law (31%) or keeping it in its current form (19%) remains larger than the share who would like to see the law repealed outright (22%) or repealed and replaced with a Republican-backed alternative (18%).

Mitt Romney, the probable GOP nominee for president, will have to exploit the differences between presiding over the initiation of the reform law’s progenitor in his home state of Mass. and Obama’s finished product — backed by the full faith and support of Big Insurance. | LINK to study PDF

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