Survey Shows Future of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Organizations

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Guess I’m feeling a little “inspired” by the cloudy day outside today on the cusp of a Memorial Day weekend.

Guess I’m feeling a little “inspired” by the cloudy day outside today on the cusp of a Memorial Day weekend. You may have heard about the emergence of cloud computing — the utilization of remote and cloud-based server technologies driving recent newsworthy items of note, such as the iTunes pending cloud-based rollout, forthcoming Google web-based computing initiatives, and “software as a service” applications found in many on-demand resources.

A recent survey [PDF] pegs healthcare orgs getting into the act. One-third of healthcare organizations responding said they are implementing or maintaining cloud-based systems, just ahead of respondents in government but behind higher education and large businesses. According to the survey: cloud users expect to spend approx. 21 percent of their health IT budget on cloud computing in the next two years. Videoconferencing, email storage solutions, and online learning represented the most commonly cited cloud-based apps among those organizations.

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