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5 Tactics for Safeguarding the Global Health Industry Post-Covid-19

We are beginning to enter into a new era in the fight…

Ryan Kh Ryan Kh

Partners HealthCare Goes Global: Is It a Good Idea?

There’s gold in them thar hospitals There’s gold in them thar hospitalsIn…

DavidEWilliams DavidEWilliams

How Health IT Enables Safer Medical Travel and Tourism

IT innovation, global medicine and frustrated medical patients drive the demand for…

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East vs. West Medicine: Infographic

From: HealthExecNews.com From: HealthExecNews.com

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Tobacco Control Policies; Scaling Up Incentives

As the world readies for the upcoming UN high-level meeting on non-communicable…

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Denmark: High Healthcare IT Competence and a Formidable Talent Pool

   Many people outside our country believe that we’re “behind the times”…

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Obesity by Country

The global obesity market is steadily growing as a result of increased…

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Shaping the World’s Health Agenda: UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs

This September an event will take place in New York that could…

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End-Use Verification: Simple but Potentially Powerful

 When budget cuts loom and all the issues are big and thorny,…

Amanda Glassman Amanda Glassman