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How Much Should We Spend on Healthcare ?

I recently attended a conference on the healthcare insurance industry in India.…

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My Solution to the Healthcare Crisis

Here is my talk from Ignite Boston last night -- I solved…

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Is Fee-For-Service the Problem?

Almost everyone involved in health care will tell you that the greatest…

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Why Our HealthCare Spending Doesn’t Make Sense

You know that joke about the drunk crawling around under a street…

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What Colonoscopies Cost (and Why)

Recent data from a large New York health insurer show that 85…

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Rising Health Costs Affect Us All

Several new reports were released this week that shed troublesome news on…

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Why US Healthcare Costs So Much More – it’s the Monopoly Factor

 Why are US Healthcare Prices so much higher than the price paid…

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Prevention Axed To Pay for Doc-Fix

Would you sell your home’s storm doors to pay for this winter’s…

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HealthCare Costs: Time to Call ACOs Parsimonious Care Organizations?

Peter J. Neumann, ScD runs the Center for the Evaluation of Value…

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Comparison Shopping

Source: New York Times Source: New York Times buy lexapro

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