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The Right Time to Find a New Doctor

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  Doctors are responsible for keeping us healthy, and we should be working with them on a regular basis to verify if there is something wrong with our bodies. The doctors are trained to detect every disease based on the symptoms present on our bodies, and they can provide us with the right medicine that would get us back on track. However, there are instances wherein we are not satisfied with what the doctors have advised. We might take on a second opinion from another doctor, and this is where things could possibly change. The doctor and the patient relationship should be strong enough to prevent someone from visiting another doctor, but if there is no trust involved, this relationship could simply end. There are a lot of reasons why people would decide to switch to a different doctor. It does not matter if it is a primary care physician, a pediatrician, or a specialist. Some people might even feel hesitant to end the relationship that they made with their doctor, and it would be hard for them to switch to a new one because their old doctor has been seeing them for the longest time. However, there are times wherein switching to a new physician would be the best option, and finding a new doctor might provide the care that you are looking for. It is not difficult to find a new doctor, and the following information is the most common reasons why you should go out and look for a new one. 1. One of the most common reasons why people are switching doctors is because they are not satisfied with the diagnosis. This happens especially when the appointment with the doctor is rushed, and they are hesitant to answer any further questions. When doctors deny answering their patient?s questions because they wanted to finish the appointment as soon as possible, there is something wrong going on with their practice. Doctors should spend a lot of time listening to their patients, and they should not end the appointment immediately just because they wanted to. They have a responsibility to diagnose all possible conditions felt by the patient, and provide them with the right treatment.When a doctor listens carefully to what their patients are saying, there is a higher chance that misdiagnosis would never happen because they are properly informed about the condition of the patient. Open communication between the doctor and the patient is encouraged, as it will give them an idea about the right kind of treatment that the patient should receive. Go for a doctor who would like to listen to the patient. Whenever a doctor is trying to shut you off because they wanted to leave, that is a red flag and you should reconsider your time working with that kind of physician because it may endanger your health further because they do not want to listen. 2. Time is precious, and it is another reason to consider when working with a doctor. Normally, when a child is sick, an appointment can be set on the same day. When it comes to adults, it can be different ? some may accommodate a same day appointment, or the appointment can be set on a different date. However, there are instances wherein an appointment date is available after a couple of weeks or months because of the sheer number of patients who are also trying to set up an appointment with the same doctor. If this happens, try to consider working with a different doctor who has less number of patients and offers an immediate appointment for patients who feel really sick.On the other hand, if your doctor is constantly late whenever you are setting up an appointment, consider looking for a new one who could honor the time of your appointment. There are many doctors who come to their office late, and people are waiting for minutes and even hours just to see them. If the doctor that you have chosen always comes up in his office 30 minutes after the appointment schedule, consider looking for a new doctor. The doctor that you should be working with must come to his office on time, or even minutes before the agreed schedule. Doctors who are constantly late can be annoying, and you should stop working with them as a form of protest for their tardiness.There are also cases wherein a doctor rarely shows up. This is a red flag, especially if the doctor is always missing in action, and you have never seen them in a long time. If the doctor is rarely going to the clinic to assist his or her patients, consider switching to a new doctor. A doctor that is rarely visiting the clinic or the hospital means that he or she does not care about the welfare of the patients, and it is not a good decision to continue working with these people because they would never be able to provide you with the most detailed diagnosis or treatment, and if they advised regular monitoring, it would fail since they rarely show up in their clinics or offices. Access Elite Concierge Healthcare has doctors who are punctual, and you should consider working with them. 3. There are doctors who would prefer speaking in medical jargons, and if they are constantly doing it even if you requested for them to switch to normal language, consider switching to a new doctor. The doctor should be explaining your condition in the simplest manner possible. Doctors who keep on using medical jargons are just trying to impress you, and it is not a good decision to continue working with them if they fail to explain in layman?s term what your problem is. Whenever a doctor is using medical jargons to explain what your condition is, try to ask them if they can explain it in plain English. If they continue explaining the situation in a technical manner, switch to another physician who could give you a detailed explanation of your condition without speaking a single jargon. It is very easy to explain a condition in plain English, but some doctors just wanted to express that they are knowledgeable in medical jargons and it is not a nice character. 4. Another good reason to change doctors is when they are discouraging you from visiting another doctor for the second opinion. Access Elite doctors knew how important second opinions are and they are even advising their patients to visit another doctor if their patients are not satisfied with the results of their diagnosis. It is normal for someone to consult another doctor, and it would give the patients a sigh of relief if there are many opinions from different doctors because they will find out what the majority of them say. However, there are doctors who will feel angry knowing that the patient is not satisfied with their diagnosis and will be looking for a second opinion. If your doctor does this, try to consider working with a new one. Good doctors welcome second opinions, and they are even encouraging their patients to do so. 5. Another reason to change your doctor is when you feel as if you are being judged by them. Doctors have taken an oath to provide the best treatment for their patients and to secure all of the details about their patient?s health. Privacy is an important thing for doctors, and they should keep all of the details about their patients? secret. If you do not feel that your doctor can be trusted with the information that you will provide, consider working with a different one. featured image source

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