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The Three Best Pelvic Floor Exercises Not To Miss

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The human body undergoes several changes with age. Both women and men witness pelvic floor weakness over time. Some experience it early, while others a little late. And much like any other muscle in the body, men and women can work towards their pelvic muscle as well by doing the necessary exercises. It helps in better bladder control and also improves bowel.

The standard pelvic health exercises for men and women are best practiced under the guidance of a pelvic physiotherapist. It is especially helpful for women as that exposes them at a reduced risk for vaginal prolapse. They can also experience better recovery right after childbirth. For men, it’s beneficial for prostrate recovery. It helps to minimize the risk of rectal prolapse.

Have you or anyone you know undergone surgery of any kind? If yes, then it is essential to consult a doctor before starting the pelvic floor exercising program. Once you know you can go ahead with the exercise program, you can add the following three to your list.

  1. Kegels

This exercise is all about holding and tightening the muscles, which regulates the urine flow. Both men and women can do this exercise under guidance and supervision. The following steps are essential:

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • You need to visualize your muscles, which stops the urine flow.
  • Start by tightening the muscles as much as you can. You need to hold this position for about three to five seconds. You will get the feeling that muscles got lifted and are squeezed.
  • Now you should release the muscle and rest for a while.
  • Get back to repeating the set for about ten times.

You can perform this exercise by lying down, crouching on all fours, or by lying down.

  1. Bridge

This exercise is dedicated to making your buttocks stronger. It also helps to work on your pelvic floor. The steps are:

  • You should lie down on the back and then bend your knees. Make sure to place your feet flat on the ground. The distance should be hip-width apart. Allow your arms to fall om the sides, and it should face downwards.
  • Go ahead and contract your buttock muscles. Allow the pelvic floor to lift buttock muscles for a few inches from the ground.
  • You should hold this position for about three to eight seconds.
  • Now you need to relax the pelvic floor and buttock muscles and lower the buttock to the floor.
  • Repeat this set 10 times.

Take rest as and when you need to in between performing the exercise. Gradually, when your pelvic floor strength increases, you will find that you can do several repetitions.

  1. Squeeze and release

It is all about a quick squeeze and releases movement, which can build the capacity of your pelvic floor muscles to respond fast. If you want to perform this muscle, you should:

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Visualize the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Simply squeeze the muscles fast and release the same without trying to maintain the contraction.
  • Take rest for about three to five seconds.
  • You should repeat it for ten to twenty times.

These are some of the easy pelvic floor exercises that men and women can add to their daily exercise list and experience the health benefits.

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