Utica Urology Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Urinary Tract

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  Utica, New York, is home to different establishments where you can get your sweet fix. You can find dessert shops in Franklin Square and near the corner of St. Marianne and Columbia Streets. But, your sweet tooth might promote health problems if you’re not careful enough. Eating more sugary sweets than the norm may increase your blood sugar levels, which could lead to urinary tract infection (UTI). Aside from keeping your sweet tooth in check, here are five tips to help you maintain a healthy urinary tract: Visit A Urologist Seeing a urologist like the experts at ampofny.com might seem intimidating, but the initial tests can be potentially life-saving. The tests you would need to undergo depend on the symptoms you’re experiencing, but, in general, all these different procedures help detect various abnormalities in your urinary tract. A few examinations you may expect are:

  • Urodynamics
  • Tissue biopsy
  • Physical exam
  • Urine specimen test

Urodynamics or urodynamic studies see how the bladder, sphincters, and urethra of the patient operate during the holding and releasing of urine. Conversely, urologists or laboratory personnel use tissue biopsies to scrutinize the element for signs of urinary tract damage. Don’t settle for a self-diagnosis if you think you have problems with your urinary tract. Preventing a UTI might be a better solution than trying to resolve this specific health concern. You can help your body prevent this ailment by seeing a urologist today. Drink Enough Fluids Every Day Many people tend to forget to drink enough fluids, especially water, every day. Aim to consume about six to eight glasses of water per day. Drinking water and other healthy beverages can help keep your bladder and urinary tract as healthy as possible. These fluids could help flush out toxins, which would otherwise lead to UTI in patients if kept unchecked. Also, failure to drink plenty of liquids daily may lead to other health issues, like kidney failure and heart disease. You may also ask a Utica healthcare provider to see how much fluid you need to help maintain your well-being. However, bear in mind that eight glasses of soda may not offer the same health benefits as drinking water of the same amount. Fizzy drinks may contain a significant amount of sugar and other additives, which might be harmful to your urinary tract. Ease Up On The Salt Sodium is a natural preservative, which means that the more salt you put in a food item, the longer its shelf life will be. Also, this condiment makes food tastier, but it actually helps retain water in your body. Too much or too little water can be detrimental to your health. A high-sodium diet may deliver health issues like UTI and elevated blood pressure levels. The excess sodium keeps water in your body, which might lead to kidney damage. Pay attention to the sodium levels in the food you eat. Avoid overeating processed food like canned meat and soups. Also, avoid eating at fast food joints as much as possible. Fast food is convenient because you can get and eat it fast, which might be an ideal option for busy folks. However, many fast food options have excessive amounts of salt in them. Instead of eating fast food, keep your urinary tract healthy by adopting a diet that contains less amounts of sodium. Aim for eating healthier options like whole grains, nuts, and farm-fresh eggs. Don’t Hold Your Pee Specific scenarios might force you to hold your pee. For example, you’re still on the bus, and it’s going to take a few minutes more before you reach home. Tightening your muscles to stop urinating may make the urine go back to your bladder. This action might introduce harmful bacteria to your system, which may lead to UTI and other health complications. Aside from not holding your urine, don’t stop your pee abruptly as well. Stopping urination too soon might introduce similar effects as holding pee. So, if you need to urinate, consider rushing to the nearest bathroom. Avoid Irritating Feminine Products Feminine care products help women keep their private parts clean. But, specific cleaning agents like douches, scented powders, and deodorant sprays might potentially harm the urinary tract. The chemicals in these feminine products might enter the urethra, then the bladder. Hence, consider cleaning your privates with organic solutions instead of chemical-rich products. Prevention Is Better Than Cure Watch out for the signs of UTI, and see a Utica urologist as soon as possible upon feeling the first symptoms of a urinary infection. The tips listed in this post may help you maintain a healthy urinary tract, but it’s essential to follow a strict and healthy lifestyle to reduce the risks of UTI. Drink lots of fluids, avoid salty food, and don’t forget to visit your local urologist regardless if you think you have UTI or not.

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