3 Reasons To Focus on Prevention, Rather Than Antibiotic Treatment for UTIs

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 UTIs are not fun to deal with. They get in the way of your plans and cause major discomfort and pain. Besides the huge hassle of trying to secure antibiotics – especially in the middle of the night – there are at least three critical reasons why it’s important to focus on preventing UTIs from occurring in the first place. Not many people are aware that there are natural options, such as boosting your bacterial defense with a UTI drink.

Antibiotics Eliminate the Positive Bacteria Your Body Needs

Antibiotics are very helpful for getting rid of harmful bacteria; the problem is that they also decimate your body’s population of good bacteria. Your vaginal flora depends on this delicate pH balance of bacteria to stay healthy and protected, and losing it makes you vulnerable to yeast infections.

UTIs Are Dangerous for Your Baby

UTIs are dangerous for pregnancy because they lead to increased risk of premature birth and other complications. Pregnancy can be stressful enough without having to worry about a potential UTI and the harmful side effects that come along with them when you are carrying a baby. Antibiotic treatment isn’t always an option in these cases, stressing the need for natural prevention.

Taking Too Many Antibiotics Can Complicate Future Treatment

People who suffer from recurring UTIs and take antibiotics frequently can develop drug-resistant bacterial strains over time, meaning the doctors have to prescribe stronger antibiotics, increased doses, and extended treatment. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is hard to eliminate and can potentially damage  your kidneys if left untreated.

A Few Things You Can Do

  • Pamper your body during and after sex: Using a personal lubricant to avoid uncomfortable irritation, drinking plenty of water, and urinating immediately following sex are all things you can do to help to prevent UTIs. It is important to follow these steps to decrease your risk of getting a UTI.
  • Drink plenty of water: Keeping up with your water intake all day long – not just in the morning and at night – and making sure to urinate right away have a huge impact on UTI prevention. Drinking a lot of water is an easy trick to flush out toxins in your body that could potentially lead to uncomfortable UTIs.
  • Wear cotton: Breathable cotton underwear keeps you as cool and comfortable as possible. Try to avoid other fabrics for your underwear, as they can sometimes irritate and cause bacteria to build up.

Boost Your Bacterial Defense When It Counts Most

Many women experience UTIs after a specific activity, such as sex, exercise, or extended commutes to and from work. By strengthening your immune system when you’re most vulnerable, you increase your protection against UTIs. Additionally, it is always positive to use preventative methods instead of relying on medications that make your immune system weaker; it is easier to prevent a UTI than to get rid of one once you have it. To learn how to prevent recurrent UTIs, check out our helpful UTI prevention guide.

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