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UVA Summit, 2nd Day – Ozmosis Interview

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The second day of the University of Virginia Summit Conference was dedicated to presentations from numerous small businesses in varied fields. Byron Hewett introduced us to Quotient, a company that distributes the only objective test for ADHD. The test is FDA approved and measures hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Reenst Lesemann presented Columbia Power Technologies that is manufacturing a machine that creates energy and produces electricity from ocean waves. Sean Eidson is founder of TRUE Linkswear, the “barefoot” golf shoe, and Michael Lawrence presented HemoSonics, a hemostasis management system. Joel Selzer, Founder and CEO of Ozmosis, then presented his company as a health care knowledge management company that enables its users to create a clinical repository from which they can search for, view and discuss any type of clinical content Joel gave me a short interview in which he talks about his company as well as his thoughts on social media and health care in general. Joan Justice: Hi this is Joan Justice from HealthWorks Collective and I’m at the University of Virginia summit conference. I have with me today the CEO and founder of Osmosis Mr. Joel Sensor and he’s going to talk a little bit abut his company Joel? Joel: Thanks Joan, so Osmosis provides a cloud base enterprise collaboration and knowledge management platform for hospital systems and life science firms and we really sit at the intersection between this new world of social business and clinical content management. So how can you take traditional enterprise content from care plans and clinical pathways to research materials and training videos and combine that with the passive knowledge and insights of an organizations staff and clinicians. Provide that in one place where all that information is indexed, linked together and pushed back through a powerful set of search interfaces and discussion tools. So in our world we’re really trying to focus on how you take the power, the richness of social media and apply it in an enterprise setting where we can truly integrate with clinical workflow and provide increased productivity and enhance clinical outcomes. Joan Justice: Thanks Joel and what’s your opinion overall, what experience have you had with healthcare and social media? Joel: Sure great question. So we also run osmosis. org commonly known as the trusted physicians network and over the last three years we’ve seen thousands of clinicians participate in a private secure free community of their colleagues where they’ve been able to share clinical insights, consult on cases, discuss evidence based medicine and really learn more effectively from their peers in practice. And what we’ve learned from our role in facilitating that type of discussion is that at the end of the day when you’re talking about the delivery of social media in a healthcare context the way to truly make it valuable is provide rich content and services and support that clinicians and patients need. And the last thing we should be doing as an industry is simply using social media as a way to build brand or to market. What we have to do is sort of flip that switch and shift through a mentality from trying to push information about our company, our business and our products to supporting those that we need to work with whether that’s our employees and stuff or affiliated physicians or the patients we all take care of. And if we can create a richer engaging experience for all those parties and social media can truly become a powerful tool for improving healthcare in this country.   Joan Justice: That’s Joel that was great and I know you’ve agreed to blog with us in the future so we’ll possibly see your blogs on HealthWorks Collectives.   Joel: I look forward to it.   Joan: Thanks a lot.   Joel: My pleasure.

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