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Vital Signs that You Need to Replace Your Eyewear Right Away

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  • Corrective lenses are very important if you have vision problems, so you need to make sure that they still work.

Many people have vision issues that require corrective lenses. The CDC estimates that 45 million Americans own glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, many people that own corrective lenses find that they are the wrong prescription.

This could be due to a mistake by their optometrist or a change in their vision issues. Either way, it is important to get the problem fixed and find the right corrective lenses.

It is Crucial to Make Sure You Have the Right Corrective Lenses

Life is relentless. Between work and family responsibilities, your social obligations and financial concerns, not forgetting all those other appointments and commitments that we simply cannot get out of… Sadly, our unrelenting lifestyle can often cause us to neglect some of the most important aspects of our lives, including our health. And one of the biggest areas of our wellbeing that tends to take a back seat is our vision and eye health. 

When was the last time you updated your prescription and your eyewear? Whatever your prescription, a company like offers a wide range of prescription lenses to ensure that your eye health and vision are taken care of. From prescription lenses to blue light blocking features, progressive and bifocal lenses to prism glasses and specialist lens coatings – the options are endless. Check them out online to make the most of your new frames. 

You may already be experiencing certain symptoms that are warning you that it’s time for a new set of glasses. But, in today’s fast-paced world, they’re not always easy to pick up on. Here we’ll explore signs that you need to update your eyewear and choose the right glasses, including some important symptoms you can’t ignore. 

Those headaches are getting worse

Headaches are incredibly debilitating and if you’ve noticed that yours are happening more often and that their intensity is getting worse then it’s a symptom you shouldn’t ignore. If you can see clearly out of your glasses, then it’s easy to think that your prescription doesn’t need updating, however, even the slightest change to your vision can cause eyestrain, which in turn will lead to headaches and discomfort. Head to your optometrist as soon as possible.

Your glasses are in poor condition

Scratched lenses, loose-fitting frames, bumps, scuffs and smears are all common problems. If you’ve had your glasses for over a year then chances are that they’ve been through a lot. If your lenses are difficult to see through clearly, then you’re likely to suffer from eyestrain. If scratches are a recurring problem with your eyewear then you should consider purchasing lenses with an anti-scratch coating to help preserve them for longer. 

They don’t suit your lifestyle

Our lifestyles are very stressful, and your current glasses may be struggling to keep up. These days, updates in glasses and lens technology mean that your lenses and frames are designed with modern life in mind. Blue light blocking technology is ideal for people who are working in front of a screen all day, Transition lenses are ideal for people with busy lifestyles and polarized coatings mean you’re less likely to suffer from glare and discomfort. If your glasses are out of date, then you’re missing out!

It’s been a while…

Optometrists always recommend regular eye exams between 1-2 years. If it’s been longer than that, then you need to make an appointment straight away. Not only will your optometrist update your prescription, but they will also be able to highlight any other eye health problems before they start to impact your vision. 

Make Sure That You Get the Right Lenses

These are the signs you shouldn’t ignore! If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms update your eyewear straight away.

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