Ways to Get your Young Adult Ready for a Successful Future

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Given how quickly things change in today’s world, parents with young adults may be left feeling a little unsure of how exactly to prepare them for adulthood. With the onset of a global pandemic, lingering inequality, and an entire job landscape set to change, navigating this transition from adolescent to independent adult will no doubt have its challenges. However, there are still some necessary life skills they’ll need to master, no matter what’s going on. Read on for a few ways you can ensure your child is ready for the real world.

The Importance of Having a Set Routine

Leaving the comforts of home and venturing out into a new realm can leave even the most confident kids riddled with anxiety. But by working with your young adult to form a reliable routine, you can help them establish a bit of control over how their every day will play out despite being in a new space. Think of these new practices as an extension of the healthy habits you’ve already instilled at home. Things like eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep, and staying active should all be incorporated into their set day.

How to do Basic Household Chores

Being adequately prepared for a departure of any kind means being able to take care of your basic needs. So make sure your young adult knows some simple skills such as how to grocery shop and cook at least a few meals, how to wash and dry their laundry, cleaning skills for how to keep up with their dorm or apartment, and how to handle small household emergencies like a clogged sink or toilet. One overlooked element is often car maintenance. Walk your young adult through how to change a tire. And don’t forget to go over what the upkeep for things like oil changes on their car looks like. This type of accountability teaches your young adult that there is always work to be done, and someone (i.e. their parent) won’t always be doing it for them.

Become Financially Savvy

Hopefully, you’ve broached the topic of finances and money before your child is ready to move out. They’ve seen you pay bills and probably earned their first paycheck while living under your roof. Now is the time to continue setting examples to cement financial responsibility in their minds. Begin talking out loud about financial decisions you’re making. Obtaining life insurance coverage is a perfect example, whether you’re active duty and have had it for years or are just starting to look at policies, let your offspring learn along with you. Companies like USAA offer premium benefits to military families so you can walk your young adult through the advantages of signing up with an insurer whose coverage fits your unique needs.

Start The Conversation About Their Future

When it comes to setting up your child for the next phase of his or her life, it’s never too early to start the conversation. Questions about education opportunities and career paths will help both parents and their children map out a plan to take on the future. Try these strategies to help your child develop into the confident, successful adult you want them to be.

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