Benefits of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

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  Working as a nurse practitioner is a vocation that is certainly inspiring and worthwhile. Furthermore, you can make a big difference in the life of a patient. Nurse practitioners help provide primary care, take medical histories of patients, perform diagnostics and handle chronic illnesses. With these responsibilities, a nurse practitioner can perform many physician-like tasks while maintaining the capability to work in a hands-on nursing capacity. Here are a few reasons people pursue a career in nursing: Camaraderie Nurses usually work together to provide care to patients. In turn, it creates a memorable bonding experience for them. This is because they know exactly what it takes to become a successful nurse practitioner. As a result, bonding with others in the same circumstances makes the job more satisfying. Opportunities Being a nurse practitioner offers multiple possible career paths you can choose. In addition to this, they can shift to their desired paths anytime without sacrificing anything. For instance, you could change paths from working as an in-patient nurse in a small clinic to a nursing aide that does research for a big medical company. You can also try something different such as taking an additional course as part of a family nurse practitioner online program without jeopardizing any progress on your career. Additionally, once you have completed your nursing license in a state, you can appeal for reciprocity in another state, in order for you to move from state-to-state more freely. High Profile Role A nurse practitioner holds a distinguished role between a physician and a registered nurse. Although a lot of nurse practitioners have finished a master’s degree, they have the benefit of bypassing the complicated and expensive nature of med school and internships recommended for doctors. This provides the opportunity for nurse practitioners to start their career in a shorter amount of time. Diversity The different areas nurses are designated to each day can provide a diverse and interesting work environment. The most common areas nurses are deployed are the delivery room, ICU and emergency room. For this reason, they have experience dealing with different kinds of people as they help treat their diseases. This makes the job more exciting since every day can be a unique experience. Competitive Income In this day and age, nursing has become a really competitive field due to high demand. According to USA’s labor statistics office, the average salary of a nurse practitioner can reach up to over $100,000. However, salaries can differ depending on education, specialty and the market in their area. Patient Advocate Another advantage of being a nurse practitioner is being an advocate of the patient. You help patients and their loved ones understand their diagnosis and aid in evaluating treatment options. You work as an advocate for the patient by explaining complicated medical terms and answering their questions. A nurse practitioner not only works with the patients but also with the patient’s family members in order to give total care. Job Security Due to the scarcity of doctors, the aging of the majority of the population and the effectiveness of nurse practitioners to give exemplary healthcare to patients, nurses continue to be in high demand, thus making it a highly secure career path. According to labor experts, we expect to see a 30% rise in demand of nurse practitioners by the year 2022. Respected and Trusted Throughout the years, nursing has become one of the most admired and most established professions in the world. Nursing is a challenging job that demands a huge amount of stamina, skill and compassion. However, in addition to these hardships, nurses revel in the respect, appreciation and admiration they get from patients, co-workers, family and friends. Greater Autonomy As a nurse practitioner, you can have all the power to take control of a medical institution and improve the total healthcare process – and in some instances, you don’t even need a physician to help you. Nurse practitioners can do their work independently in over 15 states in the United States and most of them are running their own clinics. In addition, over 300 medical clinics in the United States are owned primarily by nurse practitioners. This approach might not be compatible for everyone, but if you are a nurse practitioner who loves your job and a person who wants to be your own boss, this could be a great move to progress your career. Other Perks Being a nurse practitioner can also allow you to receive intangible benefits including warm hugs from grateful relatives of the patient and even “thank you” gifts and cards. During National Nurses Week, which is usually celebrated on the first week of May, nurses everywhere are showered with gifts to thank them for taking such great care of their patients. Being a nurse practitioner requires additional responsibility but it also provides great opportunities for your personal and professional growth. If you are willing to take this risk, the long-term benefits of being a nurse practitioner overshadows the downfalls, which will make you a happier and more accomplished medical professional.

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