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WH Launches Front-End Program to Expand Healthcare Delivery Ahead of Reform

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Posted in CMSCorporateHealthcare Policy & The MediaPolitics & The Law

Grants in the total amount of over $1B will be targeted to healthcare orgs that work with federal agencies in an effort to increase the size of the overall healthcare workforce. The Obama administration is expected to announce today the availability of the funds to get initiatives started in as little as 6 months. I must admit, I was sent information on taking part in this effort.

“This will open the inbox for many innovators and organizations that have an idea to bring to the table,” Don Berwick, administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said in an interview. “We’re seeking innovators, organizations and leaders that have an idea to bring into further testing.”

Participating orgs with ideas brought to the table will be  grouped in the specially named CMS Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. The initiative, praised by CMS head Don Berwick, is betting on using federal monies as an incentive to get the government involved in vetting other possible ways to spend more frugally ahead of reform and a pending physician shortage by decade’s end — two scenarios that will have to be met forcefully to ensure the onslaught of much needed healthcare delivery that won’t come cheap. | LINK

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