Your First Deep Tissue Massage Appointment and What to Expect

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A Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that involves applying a lot of pressure and strokes to reach the deepest layer of muscle tissue and fascia ( the area surrounding the muscles). It’s usually suitable for people suffering from chronic pain, lower back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, and leg muscle stiffness. It’s an excellent therapy for injury rehabilitation as well. It sounds intense and intimidating, and the experience is a bit different, but deep tissue massage is perfect for your body. There are things to expect when you embark on this journey. But with mobile massage guide Melbourne, you will learn what to expect and how to handle deep tissue massage. Read on what to expect and some tips to help you get the best out of the session. Expect some pain and discomfort You may feel some pain and discomfort after your deep tissue massage session. This is because the massage therapist applies various amounts of pressure on tight muscles on your body, which may have been lying dormant. Deep tissue massage will make the pain go away with those everyday twinges in your muscles that cause you pain. It may lead to more pain, but it eventually wears off. Temporary soreness that will come during the therapy works to alleviate the long term discomfort you have been having. So it’s worth the pain. However, if the pain is unbearable, be sure to inform your massage therapist to ease up a bit. Relax Knowing that you are going into a massage session that may cause you some discomfort can make you tense up. However, the tension can mess up the whole experience for you. It will only make the therapist’s work harder, meaning the massage will not achieve the results you were hoping for. Try to relax and unwind your muscles, and you will achieve the desired results from your deep tissue massage. It’s also advisable to stretch your body after the massage and also try not to overwork your body after the session. It’s also good to give your muscles some time to recover, and you can relax as well. Drink plenty of water A massage will help in stimulating the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system in your body. This means it will help in bringing nutrients and blood to your muscles as well as flushing out toxins, and this process requires water. You may also find yourself going to the toilet more often than usual after your massage. Don’t worry; this means that your body is getting rid of waste toxins. So it would help if you drank plenty of water to keep the body rehydrated and also ensure that the beneficial effects of the deep tissue massage last longer. Use ice After your deep massage session is over. You may want to put some ice on the areas that received the most pressure from the therapy; it will help ease up the pain and swelling. Conclusion Deep tissue massage is worth it, and the benefits are beyond your muscles only, like reducing stress, improving blood pressure, and flexibility, but make sure you can handle it first.

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