After self-quantifying apps, with the advent of Google Glasses, Wearable tech is soon going to be a big thing in healthcare.
The movement for self-quantifying patients is not too old. Many experts believe that self-quantifying patients are the logical next step  in evolution of person-centered healthcare. Physicians have found wearable self-quantifying by patients especially useful in management of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood diseases, arthritis etc. With 7 of 10 patients seen in the US by physicians already quantifying themselves using apps and wearable tech, the wearable tech in healthcare market is only destined to grow bigger, at-least in the Indian metros initially. Indian cosmopolitans are just the types to take to this trend sooner (3 to 5 years) rather than later. The unmet demand of self-quantification market in India is presently catered to by a few start-ups like Diabeto (a mobile device),  and we are ready to see more such initiatives soon.

Take a look at some of the affordable wearable tech already present in the markets ranging from bionic lenses to display information, pedometers in shoes, watches as oxymeters, trauma resistant inner-wear and bras with sensors to monitor your heart.

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