At yesterday’s opening keynote at RSNA 2012, RSNA President Dr. George Bisset issued a challenge to the specialty:

“Our future depends on our capacity to develop shared ownership of patients’ needs and expectations along with our primary care colleagues. It’s time to redefine patient care not as product we deliver but as the virtue we live and breathe.”

RSNA attendees left the keynote inspired by the tone and opportunities to become a more critical and visible component of patient care  teams. Cat Vasko, digital media editor at, has an excellent blog post summarizing Dr. Bisset’s imperative and the tone it set at this week’s annual meeting. Cat swung by Carestream’s social media broadcasting area and shared her perspective with us as well:

Cat sums up the opportunity well:

“Knowing that there is only so much more productivity that can be squeezed from radiologists, vendors have shifted their focus from solutions that improve profitability through increased RVUs to solutions that improve profitability by improving relationships.”

What have you seen at RSNA that will help the specialty transform to more patient-centric care?