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I'd like to contribute content to your site. How do I do this?

We accept two types of content on our site: exclusive content written directly on the site and "syndicated" or republished content that comes via RSS feed. All contributors must consent to the site's terms of use. For more information on contributing content, please read our Post Here page.

My post did not appear on the site. What happened?

Posts are submitted via RSS feed or composed directly on the site. All content you see on the site has been approved by a content moderator.

That said, it's a good idea to see if we're receiving your content before reaching out to our content moderators directly.

  1. If you added a feed, check to see if that feed is in the system
  2. Now see if you have any published or unpublished posts in the system
  3. If there are only unpublished posts showing, do you have an avatar uploaded? Is your feed providing the full version of each post?

If your feed is showing, you have unpublished posts in the system, and you have both a full feed and an avatar uploaded then your content may not meet the needs of our community. Please contact our content moderator for information about why your posts are not being published.

Why was my post title changed?

With the exception of minor spelling and grammar corrections, site moderators do not make editorial changes to blog posts without first consulting the writers. We do reserve the right to change headlines in order to make our stories more visible to search engines. We make our best effort to notify writers in advance about proposed headline changes.

How are articles chosen?

Here's what we look for in publishable material:

  • Posts that deal directly with our specific subject matter (see the list of subjects we publish on)
  • Articles that help "frame the issues" providing community members with an overview that adds value and puts conversations into perspective.
  • Information that appeals to a broad range of people.
  • Articles that are written in clear, journalistic style.
  • On-topic content that excludes obscenities, marketing content, or blatant self-promotion.

What is your comment moderation policy?

We publish all comments that are not abusive, overly promotional, and on-topic. Some comments are held for moderation to cut down on spam.

Only registered, logged-in users may leave comments on the site. Creating an account is easy! Click here to fill out the form.

Do you accept press releases?

We don't typically re-publish press releases on our site. That said, please see our steps on how to add content to the site and what we look for in publishable material for guidelines on what is likely to be published.

Can I sponsor or advertise on this site?

For advertising inquiries, please contact

How do I become a featured blogger?

Featured bloggers must provide the community with at least four exclusive original posts per year. As always, we encourage you to include a link back to your site (if you have one) and a brief bio in the article's postscript. We remain as committed as ever to having participation with us be a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you build your personal brand, reap the rewards of our promotional efforts, and offer you exposure to our audience.

In return, we will list you on our homepage as a Featured Blogger with a link back to your homepage as well as feature your exclusive posts on the site. You will also have the opportunity to bounce ideas off our content and community moderators to make sure your topic is on target with the community and not solely self promotional.

Interested in joining? Email us at with "I would like to become a featured blogger on [this site]" in the subject line.

Do you do link exchanges?

We do not do straight across link exchanges.

I'd like to delete my post(s)

There are two types of posts that you might be seeing in our system: published posts created by anyone and unpublished posts created by you.

Published posts came to use via RSS or were posted directly on the site. These posts were approved by our content moderator and become part of our link structure. We do not typically take down published posts unless we determine that they should not have been published in the first place or are based on completely incorrect information.

Unpublished posts also came to us via RSS or were posted on the site but were not approved for publication. These posts can only be seen by the author of the post and the administrators of the site. We don't delete these posts because they are not available to the public.

If you have a published post that must be taken down, please contact us at to complete this task.

I'd like to delete my account

Please email us at to delete your user profile from the system.