Being in an abusive relationship can be one of the most difficult things to deal with in life, especially if children are involved. You may feel hopeless, or like it is your fault. Neither of these things is true. Just know that nothing about an abusive relationship is because of some fault in you - the abuser is the only one at fault. When suffering from domestic abuse, it is important to get away from the situation as soon as possible, before things escalate and become worse. So, what are your options when trying to get away from these abusive relationships, and what steps of action do you need to take afterwards?

1) Calling a Helpline
If you find yourself terrified of leaving your partner and your current situation, don't feel bad. Hundreds of people have been, or are currently in, a situation similar to yours. For this reason, domestic abuse helplines were created to help get people in need out of abusive scenarios. Give one of these hot-lines a call, and they can help you begin your escape, giving you a new outlook on life.

2) Going to the Police
Another option you have when it comes to leaving your partner is going to the police for help. It is the police force’s job to protect those in their community, and that includes you. Wait until a time that your partner has left the house, like when they are at work, so you are free from danger. Pack away only the essentials and anything of high value to you, and get out of there. Never look back. If you need a place to stay, the people at the police station would be happy to help you find a domestic abuse shelter to stay at for the time being.

3) Pressing Charges
If you decided to go to the police station when leaving your partner, now would be a good time to press charges against them for all they have done to you. While many domestic abuse victims don't press charges, either out of continuing love for their attacker or from fear, you deserve justice. You are in no way obliged to if you don't want to, but pressing charges against the abuser can help to bring some closure to the situation.

4) What to Do if Children Are Involved
If you and your partner had children together, chances are you will have to work out some sort of custody agreement. Depending on the degree of abuse you suffered from, you may want to try and get full custody of the child or children to protect them. Court will be involved in this process, so be prepared.

5) Getting Help For Yourself
In the aftermath of all this, you may become depressed, paranoid, or develop anxiety issues. While many issues heal with time, this one may linger if you don't get yourself help. Consider getting therapy from a licensed professional to help relieve some of these feelings.

Remember, you are a victim; you have done nothing wrong. A domestic abuse situation will only get worse, so get out while you can, and let the kind people around you help you get your life back.