5 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana You May Not Have Known

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  There is still a lot of questions surrounding medical marijuana and its legalization. With all of the research results and personal experiences that people have had, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny that it has a lot of benefits. Not only are people finding that it benefits their physical or mental health, but investors are also starting to take notice and they are putting their money behind medical marijuana stocks. Many of these investments have paid off well already despite problems with federal legalization. With federal legalization potentially around the corner, there has been more research performed in the United States than there ever has been in the past. People, and sometimes pets, are finding that medical marijuana and CBD oil are helping them have a better quality of life.

Can Treat Pain

With opiate laws becoming very strict, chronic pain patients are finding it harder and harder to access the medications that they need to live their lives. Many of these patients are finding that cannabis in different forms is able to alleviate some of the pain that they experience. The types of pain that cannabis has shown to have a positive impact on is very broad and the medication is not addictive like prescribed opiates. The fact that it is less addictive is one of the reasons why so many patients are choosing it.

Can Help With Depression and Anxiety

Depression can be notoriously difficult to treat in many patients. There are some that just do not respond well to traditional treatments such as anti-depressants. Many of these patients are finding that the endocannabinoids in marijuana have a positive effect when it comes to stabilizing their moods which can make it less difficult to manage depression symptoms. Other patients have found that it is also good to help them with their anxiety. The fact that it is much less addictive than medication like benzodiazepines makes it especially attractive. It is important to note that many find that their anxiety worsens when using marijuana and this problem is often able to be mediated through proper dosing.

Can Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that causes increased pressure inside of the eye which can lead to reduced vision and sometimes even blindness. Research has shown that marijuana can temporarily lower the pressure in the eye which can provide relief to the patients. Glaucoma can have a big impact on the lives of the people that have it and medical marijuana may allow them to put off the need for surgery.

Can Help With PTSD

PTSD is something that does not just impact veterans who have been on a battlefield. It is a mental disorder that can be diagnosed in anyone that has experienced trauma and it can often be difficult to treat. Studies have found that cannabis can prevent the fight or flight response from continuously operating in overdrive which is one of the characteristics of post-traumatic stress disorder. The impact that marijuana has on PTSD is increasingly being studied as marijuana becomes more widely legalized.

Fighting Drug Addiction

The potential that medical marijuana has shown in fighting the disease of drug addiction appears to be very promising so far. With the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, it’s important that the medical world uses the different options that they have available to them to treat the disease of addiction. Many patients have reported that the use of cannabis has helped them from choosing to do illegal drugs that could potentially lead to bad results such as overdoses and even death. There are still a lot of discussions when it comes to marijuana being legalized on a recreational and medicinal level federally. There is no denying that it will create some big changes in the United States economically and in the healthcare industry. It may not be the answer to everyone’s health problems, but it is an option for many who are looking for solutions to the issues that they are facing every day. Before making a decision about using cannabis to treat health problems, it’s important to discuss your options with a medical professional to ensure the best results.

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