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Could CBD Oil Benefit Today’s Senior Citizens?

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Senior citizens today, more than ever before, are keen to improve their health and wellness. The older generation of the 21st century is more active, more healthy and more interested in trying to find ways to improve their well-being than their own parents and grandparents were at the same age. To accommodate this demand, more products have been released on the market that are tailored specifically to this aging population. One of these products is CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or CBD, can be delivered in several ways. It can be vaped, ingested with food or as a tincture or applied to the skin as a topical cream. But how can it benefit today’s senior citizens?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is produced from the cannabis plant – often from industrial hemp. Cannabidiol is one of the two major components of the cannabis plant but, unlike the other major component THC, it won’t cause any psychoactive effects.

In the last few years, doctors have begun to recognize that medicinal marijuana can deliver a number of health and wellness benefits. Full spectrum CBD oil delivers the benefits of marijuana but with no risk of getting high. As a full spectrum oil protects the synergistic cannabinoids in the cannabis plant as well as its medicinal compounds, essential oils, and terpenes, it can offer seniors a number of benefits.

Relieving Pain

CBD oil can help to relieve the sensation of pain in older people, especially the pain associated with nerve problems and arthritis. This is good news for the elderly who all-too-often suffer from conditions like these. Topical creams can be especially effective in treating joint and muscle pain since they can be applied directly to the affected area. The reduction in inflammation in the joints can allow for a more active lifestyle. Even pets that have joint issues due to age can see benefits from CBD supplements.

Better Bone Health

The elderly can develop fragile bones as they age, but there is some evidence to suggest that CBD oil can help to support healthy bones. It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties which can be very helpful for older people suffering from MS. Healthy bones can help reduce injuries from falls or other traumas.

Combating Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative condition that affects sight by increasing the pressure inside the eye. There is now an increasing body of evidence to show that CBD oil can reduce intraocular pressure by as much as 25%, helping to improve sight and reduce pain at the same time. Glaucoma plagues those in the older generation and can cause immense pain through the eyes. Headaches are common and this condition worsens when not dealt with in the appropriate ways.

Reduced Insomnia

Older people often find it hard to achieve a sustained period of deep, restful sleep. Yet it is during this deep phase of sleep that the brain can regenerate. Therefore, sleep quality is extremely important in the prevention of neurodegenerative conditions related to age like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Sleeping pills may be prescribed to the elderly to help reduce insomnia, however, these can be very addictive and have unwanted side effects. CBD oil can help to extend the phase of deep sleep and, thus, help to ward off neurodegenerative problems. Keeping the body is as important as keeping the mind healthy.

CBD oil has been found to help people that suffer from anxiety disorders. The reduction of anxiety could be linked with the increased quality of sleep. The pain reduction CBD oil can provide also can help a person that has trouble sleeping due to back pain.

CBD Oil – A Good Choice For Older People Today

With older people today working harder to care for themselves and to give themselves the best quality of life possible, CBD oil can play a vital role in promoting good health and better well-being. Whether taken as a tincture, as an edible, applied to the skin or vaped, it can offer a host of benefits that are especially welcome to the elderly. The questions about CBD are answered online with the government agreeing that this compound can be used to treat various ailments. CBD, when compared to other medications, has far less in terms of addictive qualities and long term usage impacts on the body or brain.

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