5 Ways to Keep a Check on Your Cholesterol

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Cholesterol is a type of fat that is produced by the liver, which is important for a proper functioning of the body. However, anything either in excess or dearth can have a significant effect on the health. Similarly, it is the case with cholesterol.

If your cholesterol deviates from normal levels, it can increase the risk of various health complications like a heart attack and stroke. Therefore, it is essential that you must get your cholesterol checked from any of the best heart hospitals in India. Normally, you should get this process done at least every 5 years, once you turn 20.

Now while you can always get the medical care and advice to save yourself from cholesterol issues, there are also some lifestyle habits that can help you in keeping a check on it. Want to know about them? Well, read further!

Here are 5 ways to keep a check on your cholesterol

  1. Focus on Food

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is one of the best ways to keep your cholesterol level in check. Some dietary habits to follow are:

  • Eat lots of nuts and dry fruits to reduce cholesterol
  • Limit the amount of saturated fats that is found in fatty meats, cheese, egg yolks and dairy based desserts
  • Consume food products like beans, barley and oats which are high in fiber
  • For cooking, use olive oil or canola oil as they raise your‘good’ cholesterol
  1. Attain a Healthy Body Weight

Don’t just manage your eating habits, but also keep a check on your body weight to improve your cholesterol profile. It is seen that every 3 kilograms that you lose, 1 point of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) or good cholesterol increases.

  1. Exercise it Away

If you exercise just for 20 minutes on a regular basis, it will increase your good cholesterol by 2.5 points. Now exercising is not always about gym, you can always go for some push-ups, sit-ups and squats at home.Moreover, you can indulge in other physical activities such as aerobics and have fun as well.Exercising will not just keep your cholesterol level in check, but also save you from other health issues.

  1. Quit Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking is one of the major risk factors for cholesterol and heart diseases. It leads to rough arteries that allow cholesterol to stick on the walls and form plaque. Hence, quit smoking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In case you are already a non-smoker, try to avoid yourself from secondhand smoke as that is also quite harmful for the body.Furthermore, drinking alcohol induces the liver to produce more cholesterol which can affect both heart and liver’s condition. It can not only elevate the cholesterol level but can also cause fatty liver disease.

  1. Take Medication

There may be cases when your lifestyles changes are not enough to keep a check on your cholesterol. In such situations, you can turn to medications prescribed by a trusted doctor. You can go to a heart hospital like Max Healthcare which offers cholesterol treatment through renowned doctors. If you are a heart patient and already have high levels of bad cholesterol, skipping medicines can lead to further damage to your health.

As you have read all the points, you can understand that these are quite easy to be included in your daily routine. So, wait not,follow these ways and say ‘hello’ to a healthy life.

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