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Awestruck by Star Trek as a kid, Jake Anderson has been relentless in his pursuit of covering the big technological innovations which will shape the future. A self-proclaimed gadget freak, he loves getting his hands on every piece of gadget he can afford.
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The Technology and Services You Need to Open Your Own Counseling Office

Starting a social work or counseling office involves more than just hanging…

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Bizarre Teen Mental Health Facts You Need to Know

Mental health is one of those topics people avoid talking about openly.…

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Application and Challenges of IoT in Healthcare

  The IoT segment in the healthcare market is likely to hit…

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5 Ways to Keep a Check on Your Cholesterol

  Cholesterol is a type of fat that is produced by the…

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How Healthcare Data Analytics Can Influence Patient Care

  For most of human history, the world of medicine has been…

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