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6 Tips for Healthcare Recruiting Success

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Recruiting is a specialized task that helps to build the foundation of an organization. Finding the right people who are not only committed but also qualified can be daunting at times. In recruiting, we all come across roadblocks that make finding the right candidates hard, even with sourcing and referral programs. There are methods that you can adopt to help keep your pipeline running strong. Streamlining your approach using the following tips can help make the recruitment process run more smoothly. This is especially true for the healthcare industry, as there are constant changes, cutbacks, and frequent updates that affect your candidates.

  1. Understanding the needs of your client – Whether the position you are recruiting for is a nurse, pharmacist, or a physician – you need to know what characteristics the clients are looking for in their candidates. Knowing about the company and their needs is the best way to begin to search for candidates to fill your clients’ roles. Recruiting at its core is more than simply finding people who have the skills; it is also about finding people who have the drive, passion, and fit for the organization. Connect with your client and ask them what qualities and credentials they are looking for in a candidate. Also, try to get an insight into your clients’ current company needs and challenges.
  2. Positioning the company – When candidates are searching for their next opportunity, they are not just looking for another job that will be like their last. They are looking for a whole new experience in itself. In a way, candidates are “shopping” for their next employer. When creating your job posting, you need to have a catchy company profile to get the candidate excited about what could potentially be around the corner. Tell about benefits, give insight into the work culture and the value that the organization places on its employees. Give a glass door look into the company that allows the candidate to brainstorm about how the organization will fit into their lifestyle.
  3. Keep in touch with your candidates – Keeping in communication with talent that is both actively and passively seeking employment is key to keeping your pipeline fresh. Understanding the needs of your candidates will allow you to pinpoint opportunities that will be of interest to them. This can also help to avoid a slowdown when it comes to finding the right candidates for hard-to-fill niche positions.
  4. Utilize referral programs — Does your agency offer a referral program? Promote it to your candidates. All too often, referral programs are forgotten, but they can be a great way for people to earn extra money!
  5. Understand the struggles and trends happening in healthcare employment – When servicing any industry, it is important to know what struggles they are facing and what the labor statistics are. Doing your research on the industry of the people you are recruiting is vital if you want to look like an expert recruiter. The more you can understand your candidate pool, the better you will be able to select the right people for your clients. Also take the time to advertise that you are knowledgeable in the industry that you specialize in by sharing information. Utilize LinkedIn to write articles about your knowledge of the healthcare industry in relation to recruitment. Remember to generate interest in your content through the use of SEO and other social media platforms, and hashtags.
  6. Get in touch with professional associations – Connecting with professional bodies in the healthcare industry can be an excellent way to connect with potential candidates. Typically, when candidates join a professional body, it is because they want to get an advance on their career. They will utilize the resources that the association offers them to network, work towards designations, and more. Getting your posting on their job boards or going as a guest to networking events can be a great way to see and hear first hand what employees are really looking for.

When recruiting, it is important to ensure that you are in tune with what is affecting your candidates and clients at all times. As a specialized healthcare recruiter, you are a part of the industry. Finding the best candidates for each organization not only helps people to build their careers, but it also helps to build a strong healthcare system that is a benefit for society.

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